A shmek yidish—A Taste of Yiddish

Steiner Summer Yiddish Program instructor Yuri Vedenyapin

A shmek yidish—A Taste of Yiddish gives you the chance to learn Yiddish alongside students in our Steiner Summer Yiddish Program. This series of videos, filmed in 2010 in the onheyber (beginner) class, provides a taste of Yiddish conversation, vocabulary, and grammar.

In addition to the material we've provided for free download, suggested exercises can be found in two Yiddish textbooks available for purchase on Amazon: our very own Learning Yiddish in Easy Stages by Marvin Zuckerman and Marion Herbst, and College Yiddish by Uriel Weinreich. You can also order these books from the Yiddish Book Center store by calling 1-800-783-9272.

Note that all of our vocabulary lists are in the Yiddish alphabet, Romanized transliteration, and English translation. To get the most out of these videos, and for help with pronunciation, we encourage you to review this alphabet and YIVO transliteration chart from the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

We are no longer adding new content to this series, but you can still access all lessons for free by navigating through the menu.


All material was filmed by Joe Fenstermaker at the Yiddish Book Center in June 2010.