Gift of a tsigele

At the conclusion of this year's Steiner Summer Yiddish Program, the students presented us with a thoughtful gift that reflects our new logo, and also provides help for those in need.

The card reads –


TO: Yiddish Book Center Faculty and Staff

FROM: Steiner Summer Students 2012

In your honor, a gift has been made to Heifer International to help struggling people around the world become self-reliant for food and income.
May this gift bring you joy as it brings hope to a family in need.

A sheynem, hartzikn dank…un a tsigele!
- Steiner Summer Students 2012


What a wonderful, unexpected, and thoughtful gift!  Apparently the students had considered presenting us with our very own tsigele (little goat) but they wisely reconsidered and honored us with a gift that will provide for a family in need.


Anonymous July 27, 2012