Tent: The List

What’s Tent: The List? It’s an ongoing virtual conversation about Jewishness and contemporary culture. The List includes five curated items each month. Tent alumni pick one, and then they buy the book, attend the show, eat at the restaurant, and so on, and then post about the experience on social media. Tent picks up the check.

Not a Tent alum? No worries, we’ve decided to share The List with you. While we can’t offer to pick up the check, we can let you in on some of what’s worth talking about in contemporary Jewish culture.

The most popular item on The List in October: pickles, of all sorts of traditional and nontraditional varieties, from Mouth, an online indie food emporium.

ABOUT: Tent: Encounters with Jewish Culture, the Yiddish Book Center’s innovative new program, provides twentysomethings with the opportunity to explore aspects of modern culture through a Jewish lens and to delve into the vast, complex, and immediately relevant cultural side of their identity.

Tent workshops are one-week, intensive programs across the US and Canada predicated on the idea that a commitment to culture can be a portal into deeper and more inspired Jewish self-awareness. In each one, 20 participants, aged 21-30, enrich their connection to a practice, medium, genre, profession, or set of issues, while also deepening their understanding of modern Jewish culture. They watch great performances, learn from masters in workshops and experiential sessions, eat and drink well, meet contemporary leaders in their field, find new collaborators, and join a community.

To learn more and to apply, please visit tentsite.org.


Joshua Lambert February 19, 2014