“Al Hanissim” prayer by Sharon Frant Brooks

The “Al Hanissim” prayer that Sharon Frant Brooks composed after learning that her efforts the revive her family’s musical tradition had been successful:


“In those days of Twilight of Jewish life in Europe, there was no one to save our ancestors from Hitler, may his name be obliterated, and the Nazi Government when they rose up against us, to take from us our very lives, our Torah, and our traditions. And, while You did not see fit to save their very lives, and the lives of their children, You chose to save a spark of their light, holy and pure, and avenged the wrong afflicted against them. In Your mercy, You did not allow them to take from us their Souls, our Souls, our Light, and our Music. You did champion their cause, and saved their Music, their Delight, and delivered it safely into our hands. At this time of Great Light, You have allowed us to bring the sounds of the flute, and of the violin, and the drums, and the horn into the hands of those that serve You with joy, and redeemed it from the oblivion of obscurity that the hands of the mighty and impure sought to place it into. You allowed their children in our days to learn from them, and to teach it to their children, and their children’s children that this music may live to be able to give thanks to You and to praise Your Great Name. For these things may Your Name be blessed and made great forever and ever.”

January 11, 2010