About the Discovery Project

Discovery Project Director, Hankus Netsky, interviews National Yiddish Book Center Docent Arthur Klein.

A dance at your grandparent's wedding, a little-known Yiddish proverb, the perfect recipe for brisket, a nign (tune) sung by Hasidim in a village destroyed in the Holocaust, a photograph of workers at a convention in the 1920s – all are fascinating artifacts of Jewish cultural history, and they are coming to life again through the Book Center’s Discovery Project. Created by musician and ethnomusicologist Hankus Netsky, the Discovery Project works to recover what is left of our immigrant and postimmigrant heritage, mobilizing college students and others to seek out the kinds of Jewish cultural treasures that they are most passionate about.


Our Discovery Fellows, recruited from the 2009 Steiner Internship Program at the Book Center, will explore a diverse sampling of Jewish culture that will find its way to the Center’s exhibits, web pages, public programs, and curriculum. The Fellows are Gergana Karadzhova, Nathaniel Otting, and Joshua Schwartz, and they’re already hard at work translating Yiddish poetry, taking oral histories, scanning photos and documents, and making digital transfers of recordings. Following are examples of the discoveries made in the past year, samples of which will be on display in 2010 in the Hutt Discovery Gallery of the Book Center’s new Kaplen Family Building. This material has already been the focus of concerts, lectures, and dances at the Book Center and throughout New England.

January 11, 2010