Number 65
Summer 2012 / 5772

Yiddish tish: Ikh bin a guter muzikant

Add these music words to your Yiddish repertoire—they'll come in handy at Yidstock in July.


די מוזיק  -  di muzik  -  music

(דאָס ליד(ער  -  dos lid(er)  -  song

(דאָס פֿאָלקסליד(ער  -  dos folkslid(er)  -  folksong

(דער מוזיקאַנט(ן  -  der muzikant(n)  -  musician**

(דער מוזיקער(ס  -  der muziker(s)  -  musician

(דער קלעזמער (קלעזמאָרים  -  der klezmer (klezmorim)  -  musician

(דער קאָנצערט(ן  -  der kontsert(n)  -  concert

(די פּיאַנע(ס  -  di piane(s)  -  piano

(דער קלאַרנעט(ן  -  der klarnet(n)  -  clarinet

(דער פֿידל(ען  -  der fidl(en)  -  violin

(די פֿלײט(ן  -  di fleyt(n)  -  flute

(די פּויק(ן  -   di poyk(n)  -  drum

(דאָס װיגליד(ער  -  dos viglid(er)  -  lullaby (literally, “cradle song”)

(דער ניגון(ים  -  der nign (nigunim)  -  wordless melody

שפּילן אויף  -  shpiln af  -  to play (an instrument)

זינגען  -  zingen  -  to sing

טאַנצן  -  tantsn  -  to dance

**The terms for musician vary by region. In some places muziker was the proper term and muzikant was pejorative, but in other locales muzikant was the standard. The term klezmer was most often used for a wedding musician but now describes any kind of musician.