White Goat Press

Bringing Yiddish works to English readers.

White Goat Press, the Yiddish Book Center’s imprint, is committed to bringing newly translated work to the widest readership possible. We publish work in all genres—novels, short stories, drama, poetry, memoirs, essays, reportage, children’s literature, plays, and popular fiction, including romance and detective stories.

Editions are published as hardcover, paperback, and ebooks.

White Goat Press Titles

Forthcoming Titles

  • From a Bird's Cage to a Thin Branch: The Selected Poems of Yoysef Kerler, translated by Maia Evrona

  • My Childhood Years: A Memoir by Peretz Hirshbein, translated by Leonard Wolf

  • Rachel Auerbach's Warsaw Testaments, translated by Sam Kassow

  • Yiddish and Yiddishkayt: Selected Nonfiction by Isaac Bashevis Singer, translated by David Stromberg

  • The Singer Family: The Other Exile - London by Maurice Carr

  • Meant to be and Other Stories by Shira Gorshman, translated by Faith Jones

  • In the Land of the Postscript: Short Stories by Chava Rosenfarb, translated by Goldie Morgentaler

  • Sholem Asch: Underworld Trilogy by Sholem Asch, translated by Caraid O'Brien

  • Two Feelings by Celia Dropkin, translated by Anita Norich

  • Journey Through the Spanish Civil War by S.L. Shneiderman, translated by Deborah Green

  • The Glatstein Chronicles by Jacob Glatstein, translated by Maier Deshell and Norbert Guterman

  • Montage: A Selection of Works by Debora Vogel, translated by Anastasiya Lyubas


White Goat Press publishes Yiddish literature newly translated into English. We publish work by both well-known and previously neglected Yiddish writers, and we consider all genres.

White Goat Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts on a rolling basis. We review submissions twice per year: in the fall and in the spring. Manuscripts can be submitted through the manuscript submissions webform. For questions, contact Jeff Hayes, manager of publishing and book programs.

Each year the Yiddish Book Center awards a small number of grants to publishers bringing out new works of Yiddish literature in English translation. Find out more about our grants for publishers.