Programs on Yiddish literature and culture recorded at Montreal's Jewish Public Library, 1953-2005

„צװײ ייִדישע שרײַבערס פֿון װילנע...חיים גראַדע און אַבֿרהם סוצקעװער“

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tsvey yidishe shraybers fun vilne...khaim grade un avrom sutzkever


  • Two Yiddish writers from Vilna...Chaim Grade and Avrom Sutzkever


This event took place on December 05, 1987.

This recording was digitized and added to the audio library in November 2015.

This recording is in Yiddish.

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Programs on Yiddish literature and culture, recorded at the Jewish Public Library of Montreal between 1953 and 2005

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