How to Buy Yiddish Books

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If you can't make it here in person, contact our team at [email protected] to inquire about buying books. (Not all books are available, but we maintain waiting lists for less common titles.)

Members of the Yiddish Book Center receive special discounts on purchases. See prices below for more information. You can learn more about becoming a member by visiting our membership page. Also see the "Discount policy" section below.

For print-on-demand copies of any of the titles in our Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library click “Purchase a printed copy” next to the book you want.

Used book pricing includes:

Contact our team at 

[email protected] with questions about buying books.

  • Used Books: $14 (nonmember), $8 (member)
  • Used Yizkor Books: $100 (nonmember), $75 (member)
  • Used Sets (8 books and over): $96 (nonmember), $64 (member)

Rare book pricing:

  • Pricing for rare books is done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our team for more information.

Digital reprint pricing includes:

  • Regular books: $48 (nonmember), $36 (member)
  • Yizkor books: $72 (nonmember), $54 (member)

Discount policy:

  • Your memberships must be current for discounts to apply, but you can renew your membership with your book order.
  • Classes and reading groups can buy books at member prices. 


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