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Yiddish Music for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra: Henrique Morelenbaum Reflects

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Henrique (Saul Hersh) Morelenbaum, z"l, musician, conductor, composer, and music professor, reflects on the ways he's blended different musical traditions, including Yiddish and Hebrew, into his work in Brazilian musical institutions. He mentions the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and the Brazilian Yiddish Choir, the later of which had up to 180 singers at one point. Finally, he reflects on how the difficulty in speaking isn't due only to the language barriers with the interviewer (who is trying to encourage him to speak Yiddish), but also due to the emotions tied up with what he is recounting.

This is an excerpt from an oral history with Henrique (Saul Hersh) Morelenbaum.

This excerpt is in Yiddish.

Henrique (Saul Hersh) Morelenbaum was born in Lagow, Poland in 1931. Henrique (Saul Hersh) died in 2022.