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הערשעלע אסטראפאלער : און מאָטקע חב˝ד. זײערע אַנעקדאָטען, װיצען, סצענעס און שטוקעס

שטערן, מ | אסטראפאלער, הערשעלע | חב"ד, מאטקע

Hershele Osṭropoler ; un, Moṭḳe Ḥabad zeyere aneḳdoṭen, ṿitsen, stsenes un shṭuḳes

Shṭern, M, Ostropoler, Hershele, 18th cent, Ḥabad, Moṭḳe

This edition was published in [19--?] by Star Hibru buḳ ḳompani in [New York?]. It was digitized and added to the library in January 2009.

Published in Yiddish, 198 pages.