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אליהו טענענהאלץ'ס יובל-בוך : לככוד פופציק יאר זיין צוטראג צום אידישן טעאטער

Elyohu Ṭenenholts's yoyvl-bukh lekoved fuftsiḳ yor fun zayn tsuṭrog tsum Idishn ṭeaṭer

Tenenholtz, Alexander, b. 1887, Zylbercweig, Zalmen, 1894-1972, Lang, Harry, 1888-, Babitz, Abraham

This edition was published in 1955 by Aroysgegebn fun E. Ṭenenholts yoyvl-ḳomiṭeṭ in Los Andzsheles, Ḳalif.. It was digitized and added to the library in January 2009.

Published in Yiddish, 226 pages.