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האנס קריסטיאן אנדערסען מעשהלעך אויף יידיש

אנדערסען, האנס קריסטיאן | גאלדשטיין, איציק לייב | טערטלטויב, חנה-פייגל

Hans Ḳrisṭyan Andersen mayśe'lekh af Yidish

Andersen, H. C, 1805-1875 | Goldstein, Itsik Leyb | Turtletaub, Khane-Faygl

This edition was published in 2015 by Published by Nathan Goldstein and the Goldstein Yiddish Foundation in Skokie, Illinois. It was digitized and added to the library in December 2017.

Published in Yiddish, 354 pages.

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