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Memorial books that document Jewish life before World War II, along with vivid firsthand accounts of the Holocaust and its aftermath

מכנס, אריאל | קלינוב, רינה

Emesh Shoʾah-- : yad li-ḳehilot - geṿidmnṭ di ḳehiles̀ Braslav, Opsah, Oḳmenits, Dubinah, Zamosh, Zarats', Yẚisi, Yod, Slobudḳah, Plusi, Ḳislovshts'iznah, Rimshan

Machnes, Ariel | Ḳlinov, Rinah

This Yizkor book commemorates Braslaw (Belarus)

This edition was published in 1986 by Irgun yotsʾe Braslav ṿeha-sevivah be-Yiśrẚel uve-Artsot ha-Brit : Bet Loḥame ha-geṭẚot ṿe-hotsẚat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʾuḥad in [Israel]. It was added to the digital library in January 2017.

Published in Hebrew
650 pages.

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