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מוסטי־ויאלקה : חייה וחורבנה של קהילה יהודית

בינות, א. ל | אקנר, אברהם

Mosti-Viʼelkeh : ḥayah ṿe-ḥurbanah shel ḳehilah Yehudit

Starkman, Moshe, 1906-1975 | Binot, A. L | Ackner, Abraham

This Yizkor book commemorates Mosty-Wielkie (Ukraine)

This edition was published in 1975 by Irgune yotsʼe Mosti-Viʼelkeh be-Yiśraʼel uve-Artsot ha-Berit in [Tel Aviv?]. It was added to the digital library in January 2017.

Published in Hebrew
510 pages.

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