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Memorial books that document Jewish life before World War II, along with vivid firsthand accounts of the Holocaust and its aftermath

‏פנקס שאבלי :‏ ‏יומן מגיטו ליטאי, 1941־1944 ‏

ירושלמי, אליעזר, 1900־1962

Pinḳas Shavli : yoman mi-geṭo Liṭaʼi, 1941-1944

Yerushalmi, Eliezer, 1900-1962

This Yizkor book commemorates Siauliai (Lithuania)

This edition was published in 1958 by Mosad Byaliḳ : Yad ṿa-shem in Yerushalayim. It was added to the digital library in January 2017.

Published in Hebrew
425 pages.

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