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Memorial books that document Jewish life before World War II, along with vivid firsthand accounts of the Holocaust and its aftermath

בית קומרנא : קורות העיר ותולדותיה, מהווסדה ועד חורבנה, רבניה, גדוליה, ואדמורי״ה, אישיה, חייהם וכליונם /- מאת ברוך ישר (שליכטר).

Bet Ḳomarna : ḳorot ha-ʻir ṿe-toldoteha, me-hiṿasdah ṿe-ʻad ḥurbanah, rabaneha, gedoleha, ṿa-ʻadmoreha, isheha, ḥayehem, ṿe-khilyonam

This Yizkor book commemorates Komarno (Ukraine)

This edition was published in 1965 by B. Yashar in Yerushalayim. It was added to the digital library in February 2017.

Published in Hebrew
212 pages.

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