About the Fellowship Program

The Yiddish Book Center Fellowship Program offers recent graduates of bachelor’s or master’s degree programs a yearlong professional experience in Yiddish language and Jewish cultural work. Fellows work closely with supervisors and colleagues as full-time staff members, learning valuable professional skills and contributing to the Center’s major projects.

The Yiddish Book Center Fellowship Program provides focused departmental training, complemented with regular cohort activities.


  • Gain practical and professional training in Jewish cultural work
  • Work closely with members of staff on new or ongoing Center initiatives
  • Learn about our mission, collections, and organizational systems
  • Participate in a weekly yidishkrayz/leyenkrayz to further develop their Yiddish language proficiency

Fellows will receive a stipend of $35,000, along with group health insurance, paid holidays, vacation, and sick days.


Applications for the 2024-25 Fellowship will open in the fall.