Project Areas

Fellows bring insight, ingenuity, energy, and creativity to help us carry out both established projects and new Center initiatives. Candidates must have strong communication and writing skills and the ability to work in a dynamic environment. Fellows lead public tours of the Yiddish Book Center, generate for the Center's social media accounts, draft and publish content for the Center’s website, and support onsite educational programs. Fellows typically work in one department/project area but also interact with all Center departments on a regular basis.

2023-24 Fellowship Opportunities

Bibliography Fellowship

The bibliography fellow is an integral part of the Center’s bibliography team, and through this work they will develop a rich understanding of Yiddish literature and Yiddish print culture. The fellow will:

  • Assist in the processing of book donations, including cataloguing and sorting new items
  • Support the protection and preservation of rare Yiddish books, journals, and artifacts
  • Help with work on related collections, including typewriters, sheet music, and wood and metal type
  • Respond to inquiries about Yiddish books and process orders for them
  • Promote the rich holdings of the Center to a wider public by writing articles and blog posts for the website (and other platforms)


  • ability to read Yiddish at an intermediate level

Digital Collections Fellowship  

The digital collections fellow will work with the Center’s wide-ranging collection of unique archival materials, including video, audio, scanned books, as well as other cutting-edge projects in digital humanities, including the largest body of Yiddish books ever processed with OCR. The digital collections fellow helps develop multimedia digital humanities projects designed to make the Center’s digital holdings accessible to a wider public. Depending on the fellows’ experience, background and interests, the fellow will: 

  • Create curated displays of digitized archival artifacts, such as video, audio, scanned books, and archival materials
  • Develop new features and code for a custom Drupal 9 website
  • Assist with the development and improvement of the largest corpus of Yiddish processed with OCR
  • Improve access and indexing of digital collections by creating metadata and transcriptions of archival materials
  • Support efforts in digital preservation of valuable materials, including cataloging, scanning, and preservation storage infrastructure

Translation Initiative Fellowship

This fellowship supports our work to train Yiddish-to-English literary translators and to make translations of Yiddish literature broadly available through digital publications. The fellow will work as a managing editor for the publication of short works in translation on the Yiddish Book Center’s website as well as for the annual Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue. The fellow will also participate in workshops for our yearlong literary translation fellows and assist with inquiries from the public about translating Yiddish texts. The project will offer the fellow opportunities to develop their own skill as a literary translator and editor. With the support and supervision of the academic director, the fellow will:

  • Review, edit, and prepare translations for publication on our website and in our annual Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue
  • Communicate with translators about the editorial publication process
  • Attend and help to coordinate three annual workshops for our Yiddish translation fellows
  • Maintain our list of freelance Yiddish translators and answer public inquiries about obtaining translations from Yiddish

Communicate with our network of Yiddish translators and assist with other events and initiatives to promote Yiddish literature in translation


  • ability to read Yiddish at an intermediate level

Yiddish Education Fellowship

Working closely with the director of the Center’s Yiddish Language Institute, the Yiddish education fellow will assist with the expansion of online language-learning resources for In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook and with Yiddish teacher training programs. The fellow will:

  • Support the development of the Yiddish textbook website, including uploading content and creating supplementary interactive exercises
  • Serve as teaching assistant for Yiddish classes at the Steiner Summer Yiddish Program; grade student homework and tutor students as needed
  • Assist in programs such as YiddishSchool and the Pedagogy Fellowship
  • Edit video footage of Steiner and Pedagogy programs to create short clips as samples for Yiddish teachers for how to conduct various activity types
  • Help moderate a Slack group for independent learners working with In eynem; support additional textbook-related public engagement, particularly on social media
  • Answer miscellaneous Yiddish questions from staff and visitors


  • high-intermediate or advanced level of written and spoken Yiddish

Application Supplement:

  • Candidates must submit 3-4 paragraphs of their Yiddish writing