Is this program affiliated with a particular denomination or Jewish movement?
No. This program is independent and not affiliated with one particular denomination or movement. We value pluralism and strive for a diverse cohort of participants.

Am I eligible to apply for this program?
If you are a rabbi (congregational or otherwise), rabbinical student, cantor, cantorial student, or Jewish educator, you are eligible to apply. Jewish educators may be affiliated with synagogue schools, Jewish studies departments at day schools, or Jewish education organizations.

Do I have to have a background in Jewish literature?
No. We welcome applicants who are relatively new to the subject, as well as applicants who have studied it formally or informally.

What is the cost for this program?
Every admitted participant will receive a scholarship for the full cost of tuition and course texts. There are no direct costs for participants.

When does the program take place?
The program will be concentrated during two consecutive Sunday-Monday blocks (June 6 & 7 and June 13 & 14), with some supplementary programming during the week in between. See the “Program Schedule” page of this site for more details.

What will the workload be like? Will I be expected to do any work before or after the program dates of June 6 – 14?
You will be assigned approximately 25 pages of reading (prose and poetry) for each seminar session. Since there are 2 sessions on each of the 4 seminar days, that means you will be reading approximately 50 pages for each of the four days. In addition you will listen to one 15-30 minute pre-recorded lecture from each of the two core faculty. These materials will be sent to you several weeks in advance of the program so you can prepare for the initial seminars in advance. There may be additional optional assignments for further learning both during and after the program.

When will I hear back about my application?
Decisions will be made and you will be notified by late April 2021.

How do I access the sessions for this remote program?
All sessions will take place via Zoom. Zoom links will be sent once program participants are selected.