About Tent: Encounters with Jewish Culture

Tent: Encounters with Jewish Culture workshops are weeklong intensive programs predicated on the idea that a commitment to culture can be a portal into deeper and more inspired Jewish self-awareness.

In Tent workshops, twenty participants in their twenties and early thirties enrich their connections to a practice, medium, genre, profession, or set of issues, while also deepening their understanding of modern Jewish culture. They watch great performances, learn from masters in workshops and experiential sessions, eat and drink well, meet contemporary leaders in their field, find new collaborators, and join a community. After the workshop is over, Tent participants join an alumni community engaged in an ongoing conversation about Jewishness and contemporary culture.

Tent offers a new way—actually, an old-new way—to think about Jewishness: as something rich, alive, and inseparable from the cultural forms and practices we are already passionate about.

Tent: Creative Writing and Tent: Children's Literature will not be offered in 2022.