Tent: Creative Writing FAQ

When is the program? What is the deadline to apply, and when will I hear if I got in?
Please sign-up here to get updates about upcoming Tent: Creative Writing workshops.

Who can attend Tent: Creative Writing?
The workshop is open to aspiring and practicing writers in their twenties and thirties.

Why is the program limited to writers in their 20s and 30s?
We run a variety of programs for people of all ages at the Yiddish Book Center. In some cases, we design a program for people in a particular age or educational cohort or professional field, and in this case we've found that focusing on writers in their 20s and early 30s helps to create a small, lasting community of writers who can support one another both personally and professionally.

Did you receive my application?
Automatic reply emails are generated when an application is submitted. If you did not receive an email, call Phoenix Wyatt at 413-256-4900, ext. 144.

How much does it cost to attend Tent: Creative Writing?
Tent programs are free to accepted applicants, and we cover accomodations and most of your meals. You’re responsible for the cost of travel to and from Amherst.

I am on the waiting list. Will I get in?
There are only twenty spots in Tent: Creative Writing. and we always receive more applications than we have places. We’ll let you know if a spot becomes available.

I'm really busy and cannot attend the whole program. Is that okay?
You’re expected to fully participate in the entire week of programming. (Many participants take a week of vacation from work if necessary; we think the program is worth it!) If you cannot attend the session in full, you must decline acceptance.

I already attended a Tent program. Can I apply to another program?

Do you have to be Jewish to participate in this program?
Anyone, from any background, who has an interest in creative writing and Jewish literature is welcome to apply.

Can I bring family members?
Participants are encouraged to consider the workshop a time for professional and personal development. If you plan to bring family members with you, please understand that they may not participate in formal workshop activities or in most of the meals.
What are the dorms like?

The dorms are traditional, with private single bedrooms and shared common spaces and bathrooms. The amenities are basic. Linens, a pillow, and a towel are provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own pillow or towel for additional comfort. 
What if I’d prefer to stay in a hotel?
Participants who wish to stay in a local hotel or inn may arrange to do so at their own expense. To learn about places to stay in the Amherst area, go to Visit Hampshire County
Where will we eat?
Most meals are eaten at the college dining hall (one or two are catered at the Yiddish Book Center). The college dining services offer a diverse, nutritious selection, including extensive vegetarian options. The dining hall staff work hard to accommodate allergies and special dietary needs. Participants should let us know in advance about any dietary restrictions or preferences.
Does the program provide kosher food?

While the dining hall does not serve kosher food, participants who are comfortable eating vegetarian, vegan, or “kosher style” are usually happy with the dining hall option. We provide alternative certified kosher meals for students who request them in advance. Kosher and non-kosher participants eat together in the dining hall, with disposable plates and utensils provided for kosher food.

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