Course Levels

Language classes are offered at the beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate levels. All three levels cover all aspects of learning the Yiddish language, including oral and written communication, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Course Levels:

Yiddish for Beginners: This introductory class is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Yiddish.

Yiddish for Advanced Beginners: This class is designed for students who have previously completed the beginner course at YiddishSchool or the equivalent. To be eligible for this class, students should be familiar with regular present tense verb conjugations, greetings, introductions, numbers, and vocabulary relating to family members and geography.

Yiddish for Intermediates: This class is for students who have studied Yiddish for one to two years in a classroom setting. This may include curricular or extracurricular classes at a university, evening community classes, etc.

Learning the Alphabet:

Students in all three classes are expected to familiarize themselves with the Yiddish alphabet before the program begins. We will send participants online alphabet materials to review after they've registered.

Language Level Placement:

Please evaluate your language level by reading the questions below and trying to answer them on your own in Yiddish. If you are able to answer only questions 1-4, then you should sign up for the advanced beginner course. If you are able to answer questions 1-7, then you should sign up for the intermediate course. If you cannot answer questions 1-4, then you should sign up for the beginner course.

Note: You will be asked about your experience answering these questions when you register. If you cannot answer certain questions but feel that you should be in a more advanced level, please explain why on your registration form.

1.      װי הײסט איר?

2.      װאָס מאַכט איר?

3.       איר האָט אַ ברודער? אױב יאָ, װוּ װױנט ער?

4.       איר האָט קינדער? אױב יאָ, װיפֿל קינדער האָט איר?

5.      שרײַבט אַ ביסל װעגן אײַער הױז. באַשרײַבט אַ פּאָר אָביעקטן מיט קאָלירן און אַדיעקטיװן.

6.      װאָס האָט איר ליב צו טאָן װען איר פֿאָרט אױף װאַקאַציע?

7.      װאָס האָט איר געטאָן אױף אײַער לעצטן געבורטסטאָג?

Asya’s instruction was just perfect for our beginning level. Her enthusiasm and varied activities made the time fly by.
2015 YiddishSchool participant