Course Levels

April 11-16, 2021

Language classes are offered at four levels. All levels cover all aspects of learning the Yiddish language, including oral and written communication, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Please read the course descriptions carefully before registering to ensure that you meet the requirements for the class. You will be asked questions about your language experience when you register.

Beginner: Fun onheyb (From the Beginning)

Instructor: Moishele Alfonso

No prerequisites. This level is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Yiddish.

Topics covered:
Vocabulary: Greetings, introductions, geography, basic verbs, numbers, days of the week
Grammar: Present tense verb conjugations, pronouns, word order
Culture: Folksongs, brief history of Yiddish

Beginner 2: In klas (In Class)

Instructor: ChloĆ« (Zissel) Piazza 

Vocabulary: Greetings, introductions, basic verbs, numbers, days of the week
Grammar: Present tense verb conjugations, pronouns, and word order

New topics covered:
Vocabulary: Classroom objects, colors, adjectives
Grammar: Imperative, negation, there is/there are
Culture: Folksongs, poems, archival images

Advanced Beginner: Es blaybt in der mishpokhe (All in the Family)

Instructor: Asya Vaisman Schulman

Vocabulary: Introductions, basic verbs, numbers, days of the week, colors, adjectives, classroom objects
Grammar: Present tense verb conjugations, pronouns, word order, imperative, negation, there is/there are

New topics covered:
Vocabulary: Family, professions, physical appearance
Grammar: Adjective endings; the accusative case; lib hobn (to like)
Culture: Folksongs, poems, archival images

Intermediate: Leyent forverts mit fargenign! (Read the Yiddish Forward with Pleasure!)

Instructor: Kolya Borodulin

Conversational vocabulary; present, past, and future tenses; personal and possessive pronouns; and direct and indirect objects.

In this course, students will learn through multimedia (online texts, audio and video materials). We will discuss current events and the lives of distinguished Yiddishists (both contemporary and historical), and appreciate the multifaceted aspects of Yiddish language and culture.  

Learning the Alphabet:

Students in all classes are expected to familiarize themselves with the Yiddish alphabet before the program begins. We will send participants online alphabet materials to review after they've registered. To begin learning, click here.

The instruction was stellar. I'll be back next year.
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