Book Talk with Editor and Translator David Stromberg 

Join us for a free virtual talk on Sunday, March 3 @ 2:00 p.m. EST

David Stromberg, translator and editor, will discuss his newly released translation of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Writings on Yiddish and Yiddishkayt: The War Years, 1939–1945 (White Goat Press). David will read a few selections from the book and will then be joined by Lisa Newman for a short conversation and Q&A. 

As part of the Great Jewish Books Club, we invite you to stay after the presentation for small group discussions in the Zoom room facilitated by members of the Yiddish Book Center staff. We’ll look at two of the collection’s essays in particular: “What Is a Dybbuk?" (pp. 29–36) and “Jews Would Oppose Nazis Even If Fascists and Hitlerites Were Not Antisemites” (pp. 47–51). 

The program is presented as part of the Yiddish Book Center’s 2024 Great Jewish Books Club. 

Man with graying hair and beard and wire glasses

David Stromberg is a writer, translator, and essayist whose work has appeared in The American ScholarCritical FlameSmart SetPublic Seminar, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among others. He is editor of Old Truths and New Clichés  (a collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s essays) and a reissue of Singer’s canonical story Simple Gimpl: The Definitive Bilingual Edition. His recent work includes A Short Inquiry into the End of the World  (the first speculative essay in his Mister Investigator series) and his follow-up, “The Eternal Hope of the Wandering Jew,” which appeared in The Hedgehog Review. The third in the series, “To Kill an Intellectual,” was published in five installments in The Fortnightly Review


Lisa Newman is the Yiddish Book Center’s director of publishing and public programs and the director of White Goat Press, the Yiddish Book Center’s imprint.