The Great Jewish Books Pedagogy Conference

Registration Form

Please provide a two- to three-sentence bio that will be shared with your fellow conference participants. The bio should be written in the third person and can describe where you are from, where and what you teach, and salient points from your professional, academic, or personal life.
We want to know when you will be arriving at the Yiddish Book Center, and when will you be departing, so that we can know how many people will be attending each session and each meal. In particular, please let us know if you will be attending the dinner on Sunday, 7/21.
Once we know how many participants will have cars, we can help to arrange carpools between the hotel and the Yiddish Book Center.
On Monday, July 22, at 1:30 pm, conference participants will meet in small groups to share elements of their teaching practice, and to get feedback from their peers. Each participant will briefly (5-10 minutes) share a lesson or assignment—preferably something involving modern Jewish literature or culture—that worked well, that flopped, or that landed somewhere in between. This is an opportunity to share your wisdom with other teachers and to receive their insights. We encourage everyone at the conference to participate by presenting. Are you willing to do so? (If you answer "yes," we'll be in touch with more details closer to the conference.)
We will be providing the following Kosher catered meals: Dinner on 7/21; light breakfast, lunch, and dinner on 7/22; light breakfast and lunch on 7/23. (The light breakfast will include pastries, fruit, and coffee. The rooms at the Holiday Inn also come with complimentary (non-Kosher) breakfast.) Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions so we can let our caterers know.
If you are a session leader or panelist, please let us know if you will need any copies made or other materials prepared in advance. You can email files to Lesley at [email protected]
If you are a session leader or panelist, a projector and screen will be available for you to use, and we have adapters to connect to most laptops. Please let us know if you have any additional technical needs.
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