Teach Great Jewish Books Honor Roll

The million books that our members helped us save have never had more to say, and unless we take practical steps to share them, we will have ceded to others the right to tell our story.  We’ve identified an important problem—the absence of Yiddish and other modern Jewish literature from Jewish and non-Jewish high schools—and our Teach Great Jewish Books initiative has come up with practical solutions to train teachers, develop resource kits, and inspire students.

Read Aaron Lansky's letter about this project at: yiddishbookcenter.org/teach-now-letter

A hartsikn dank—our heartfelt thanks—to the following donors who are helping us share our unique history, conscience, and literature with students everywhere:


728 East Realty Corp. 
Jack and Joan Abbey 
Dr. Arthur S. Abramson 
Ms. Rachel J. Abramson 
Martin Ackerman 
Stephanie Adelman 
Dr. Arnold Adicoff 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Albert 
Martin and Susan Altschuler 
Jenny Altshuler and Barry Green 
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Alweis 
Bruce Lebedoff Anders 
Ruth Andres 
Jack and Ruth Appel 
Mr. Allan L. Apter 
Dianne Arensberg 
Reva H. Arnoff 
Lewis and Selma Arnold 
Stephen Arons and Ada Medina-Arons 
Arnold and Hermia Aronson 
Boris and Vitalia Aronson 
Hope Arthur 
William and Beatrice Artz 
Martin and Betty Ashman 
Susan Auerhan 
Naomi G. Axelrod 
Mrs. Evelyn K. Axler 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bachenheim 
Robert and Celia Balavram 
David and Marilyn Balk 
Dr. Raymond Band 
Seymour and Frances Barasch 
Elia Barbati 
Mrs. Adele A. Barden 
Shlomo Barnoon 
Mr. George Baroff 
Alva Barozzi 
Drs. Alan and Rosaline Barron 
Alvin and Nita Barshefsky 
Helena Bartash 
June C. Bashkin
Judy Baston 
Ralph Baum 
David and Frieda Baumann 
Beverly Bayer In honor of Jay Bloom
Dr. Esther Bearg 
Helen Beck 
Sandy Beck 
Edward Becker 
Marilyn Becker 
Mrs. Anna Begin 
Ms. Arlene F. Bender 
Michael Benedek 
Dr. Harvey and Iris Benn 
Shirley Benyas 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berenson 
Marjorie and Barry S. Berg
David and Alex Berg 
Mr. and Mrs. David Berg 
Carl and Bernice Berger 
Evelyn Berger 
Irwin and Roberta Berger 
Jay and Kitty Berger 
Samuel and Ronnee Berger 
Ms. Shelley Berger-Schmitz 
Dr. Barry and Velma Berkey 
Elliot H Berkman 
Iris and David Berkman 
Dr. Leonard and Joan Berkowitz 
Phyllis Berlin 
Zeke and Sara Berlin 
Allen I. Bernholtz 
Sandra Bernoff 
Mrs. Beverlee N. Bernstein 
Mr. Steven Bernstein 
Ms. Sylvia Bernstein 
Roberta and Harry Berry 
Dr. Chester M. Berschling 
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Marion Bessoff 
Ms. Gitl Bialer 
Juergen A. Biehl
Dorothy S Bienenfeld 
Nina Bienenfeld 
Judith Biersdorfer 
Karen S. Binder in memory of Solomon Slutzky
Richard and Elaine Binder 
Pola Schell Birman 
Philip and Joan Birnbaum 
Ms. Edith Black 
Lisa and Jason Blackwell 
Christopher Blake 
Monte and Guitta Blau 
George and Judith Blinick 
Dr. Milton Bloch 
Gail M Block 
Lila and Philip Block 
Douglas and Barbara Bloom 
Cynthia Bluh 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blumenau 
Reuben Blumenthal 
Sidney and Helene Blumner 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bogarsky 
Michael Bogdanow 
S C. Bolen 
Bruce Bolter 
Nina Bonderow 
Martin Bookspan 
Milton Bornstein 
Mr. Joseph R. Borowsky 
Newton and Elizabeth Bowdan 
Charles Boxenbaum 
Drs. Paula and Leland Bradbard 
Allen and Edith Brafman 
Miriam and Norman Brand 
Gaston Braun 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Braverman 
Burton Brenman 
Martin and Brenda Brenner 
Lillian N. Brill 
Elissa Brinn 
Sylvia Briskin 
Doreen and Yosl Broder 
Philip and Deborah Brody 
Anna Bromberg 
Dr. Barry and Eleanor Brooks 
Mr. Robert Brooks 
Neil M Broome 
Melvin and Elaine Brothman 
Clara Browda 
David Brown 
David Brown 
Drs. Lawrence O. and Sheila F. Brown 
Ruth and Bennett Brown 
Stanford Maxwell Brown 
Steven Brozinsky 
William and Elizabeth Brudnick 
Keith Bruns and Harriett Robinson 
Anna Buchmann
Mr. Melvin Buck 
Irwin and Judith Buncher 
Susan and Stewart Burke 
Daniel Burnstein 
Sumner and Dleela Burstein
Marsha Byrnes 
Allan Caditz 
Ms. Edith S. Caesar 
Dr. Jules Cahan 
Mr. Steve H. Caller 
Frances Caplan 
Jay Caplan 
Judy Caplan 
Esta and Francis Carelli 
Beverly Carr 
Mr. Henry H. Carrey 
Ellen and Larry Casey 
Jay Cashook 
Cathy Casriel 
Mr. Martin A. Cener 
Dr. Walter Chameides 
Richard Chandler 
Mr. Clifford Chanin 
Alisa Charash 
Dr. Eric M. Chazen 
Lionel Cherry 
Mr. Myron M. Cherry 
Citizens Bank 
Andrew Clare and Deborah Reamer 
Chester Clarke 
Shari Clayman-Kerr and Jim Kerr 
Dr. Arnold and Batia Clevs 
Dr. Gary S. Clorfeine 
Susan Cobin and Randall Roorda 
Dr. Ralph and Rena Cobrinik 
Abby J. Cohen 
Beatrice Cohen 
Francene Cohen 
Mr. Elliot G. Cohen 
Grisselle and Richard Cohen 
Jules Cohen 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Cohen 
Mr. Mark Cohen 
Martin and Janet Cohen 
Neil and Carol Cohen 
Dr. Richard and Libby Cohen 
Shirley Cohen 
Dr. Sanford and Sandra Cohen 
Wendy Cohen 
The Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation
Richard and Lucille Coleman 
Mark A. Collons 
Paul Colodny 
Howard Colover 
Barbara Comerchero 
Consolidated Jewish Charities of Bloomington - Normal 
William and Margo Cooley 
Emanuel I. Cooper 
Joseph and Sally Cooper 
Morris Cooper 
Deborah R. Chromow 
Lucy and Ben Corin 
Dr. Jerome R. Cornfield 
Leland and Sandra Corwin 
Mr. Harold D. Crandus 
Richard and Leslie Curtis 
Aaron Z. and Simi Cutler 
Michael Cynamon and Wendy Ressler 
Bill and Carole Dalton 
Matthew and Brahna Daly 
Deanna Dauber 
Andrew Davis and Jessica Davis 
Barbara A. Davis 
Mr. Joseph Davis 
Dr. Judith Davis 
Gabriella de Beer 
Mrs. Gertrude Deitchman 
Stephen Dell 
Dr. Frieda Denenmark 
Robert and Marilyn Derector 
Jerome and Elinor Deutsch 
Bobby A. Diamond 
George and Roberta Diamond
Dr. Stephen and Brenda Dick 
Susan Dicker 
Helena P. Dinerman 
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Genevieve Dishotsky In honor of Sophie Ruth Everett
Mrs. Fela Dogadko 
Paul Doherty
Ruth M. Dolinko 
Mike and Sheila Donenfeld 
Bruce and Mady Donoff 
Jerry and Joan Doren 
Ms. Minna Doskow 
Mrs. Claire Drachman 
Arnold and Elaine Drapkin 
Dr. Erika Dreifus 
Ms. Shirley Drexler 
Goldie Dropkin 
Judge Jacqueline S. Drucker 
David Drukaroff 
Martin Dubno 
Marlene D. DuBoff 
Richard and Rosalyn DuBois 
Mr. Jack Dubrovsky 
Selma Dubrow 
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Dugatkin 
N. Daniel and Phyllis Dunitz 
Ms. Alva A. Dworkin 
Rena Dworkin 
Ms. Beth Dwoskin 
Dr. Harry J. Eastman 
Mauricio and Barbara Edberg 
Miriam Edberg 
Osnat Edberg 
Evelyn Edelstein
Ms. Paula R. Eder 
Barry and Ruth Ehrlich 
Mr. Henry L. Ehrlich 
Leon and Eleanor Eidels 
Sue Eisenfeld and Neil Heinekamp 
Joseph and Phyllis Eisenman 
Laura and Andrew Eisenmann 
James Eisenstock 
Ellen Eisner 
Stuart E. Eizenstat 
Bonnie Elbaz-Deckel 
Martin Elgarten 
Dr. Bernice Elkin 
Mr. Carl G. Ellis 
Fran K. Elovitz 
Dr. Harold Engel 
Dr. Leroy Engel 
Miriam Engel 
Myra J. Entenberg 
Irma K. Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Factor 
Daniel Faigin and Karen Davis 
Leonard Farber 
Dr. David and Mrs. Susan Farkas 
Dr. Leon Fay 
Lawrence Feinberg 
Diane Feinerman 
Mark and Judith Feingold 
Irving Feinman 
Roberta Feinstein 
Dr. Steven and Anita Feinstein in honor of Fania Wedro
Michael and Nancy Feldman 
Ms. Marna Feldt 
Alan Fell 
Arnold J. Felsenfeld 
Susanne and Norton Ferrin 
Drs. Seymour and Norma Feshbach 
Mr. Joseph L. Fibel, Jr. and Mrs. Harriet Fibel 
Joe and Barbara Field 
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fieldstein 
Matthew and Karen Filler 
Mrs. Carol Fineblum 
Paula and John Finedore 
Aaron and Leslie Fineman 
Stanley and Fay Fink 
Barry S. Finkel 
Abe Finkelstein 
Shirley Firestein 
Oscar and Theda Firschein 
Norbert and Tikva Fischzang 
Dina Fisher in memory of Teery Charles Schwarz
Donald and Ella Fisher 
William M Fisher 
Mrs. Gordon Fishman 
Mildred Fishman 
Gerald Fiterstein 
Samuel Flamholz
Amy Flaxer 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fleischman 
Vivian Fleitman 
George and Holly Flesh 
Marvin Fletcher 
Dr. Eliot and Carolyn Folickman 
Drs. Richard and Marjorie Fond 
Marcia Applebaum Forbes 
John Ford 
George and Andrea Forest 
Lorraine Forman 
Natalie Forman 
Vivian Forman 
Daniel and Mildred Forsythe 
Monica Fox 
Ms. Michelle Frager 
Deborah Frank 
Dr. Allen and Mrs. Helene Frankfater 
Rose Frederick 
Mark and Esther Freilach 
Shirley Friduss 
Dr. Eugene Friedberg 
Mr. Harry Friedler 
C. Robert Friedman and Vernon Mosheim 
David Friedman 
Holle Weiss Friedman 
Morris Friedman 
Mr. Gilbert M. Frimet 
Howard M. Frisch 
Saul and Susan Frommer 
Bess Frumin 
Lenore Furman 
Dianna Gabay-Selby 
Dr. Mark Gabry and Shelley Katsh 
Bernard Gallin 
Barbara Gardner 
Lyla Garfield 
Anita Garlick 
Shoshanah Garshick 
Christopher Gassett 
Ernestine Gaynor 
Mr. Ken Geller 
Rabbi Myron Geller and Eileen Geller 
Dr. Paul Geller 
Ludwig Gelobter 
Judge and Mrs. Milton H. Gelzer 
Dr. Errol F. Genet 
Irwin and Lenore Gerson 
Linda Gerstein and Eli Cohen 
Betty Mitchell in memory of Mark Gerstein (her husband)
Ms. Sonia L. Gilbert 
Joan Gildin 
Deena Gill 
Phyllis Gillman, Ph.D. 
Marvin and Gladys Gimpel 
Mr. Leonard Ginsberg 
Leonard Ginsberg
Allen and Shirley Ginzburg 
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Gitlin 
Lucille Gladstone 
Edward and Judith Glass 
Mark H Glasser 
Myron and Penina Glazer 
Ira Glener 
Thomas Glick 
Sarita Gocial 
Mr. Robert B. Godwin 
Charles and Berta Gojer 
Ethel and Jacob Gold 
Leonard and Sharlya Gold 
Dr. Leonard and Stella Gold 
Ann Goldberg in memory of Melvin M. Goldberg
Mr. Leo A. Goldberg 
Murray and Shirley Goldberg 
Oscar I. Goldberg 
Dr. Paula Bursztyn Goldberg 
Steven and Margaret Goldberg 
Dr. Irwin Golden 
Richard and Thelma Golden 
Marilyn Golden 
Alan and Cynthia Goldin 
Eleanor and Jonathan Goldman 
Howard and Linda Goldman 
Mr. Mark Goldman 
Mr. Robert J. Goldman 
Harold and Florence Goldsmith 
Alvin Goldstein 
Arnold and Betty Goldstein 
Diana Goldstein 
Jennifer Ann Golenternek 
Sarah Tuller 
Evelyn and Bob Gomer 
Anne and Martin Gonsky 
Paul Gonson 
Mr. Jerry Goodisman 
Gail Kushner 
Lawrence Goodman
Stephen and Alice Goodman 
Richard and Rhona Gordon 
Mr. Ralph M. Goren 
Elizabeth Goretsky 
Mrs. Paula Gorodetzer 
Linda Gottesman 
Ms. Beatrice Gottlieb 
Dr. Lawrence and Rita Gottlieb 
Simon Gottlieb 
Irving and Reesa Gottschalk 
Ms. Penina Gould 
Arvin and Ruth Grabel
Herman and Lillian Grackin 
Leonard Gradus 
Neil and Judith Grand 
Paula Grant 
Robert and Judith Grauman 
Joan and Franklin Green 
Joseph Green 
Esther R. Green 
Sherry Green 
Arnold Greenberg 
Jill Greenberg 
Leonard Greenberg 
Martin Greenberg 
Suzy Greenberg 
David Greenblatt 
Mel and Ricki Greenblatt 
Bernard and Magda Greene 
Mrs. Dorothy K. Greenside 
Richard Greyson 
Regina Grol 
Barry and Myra Gross 
Mrs. Isabelle J. Gross 
Naomi Gross 
Jeffrey Grossman 
Wayne Grossman 
Robert Grover 
Ariel and Aleta Grunberg 
Ms. Rose Grundstein 
Greg Guldin 
Dr. Binnie Gun 
Mr. Astrid Gunzburg 
Janet Gurvitch 
Janet Gurvitch 
Robert and Myrna Guterman 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gutman 
Marcel and Madelyn Gutwirth 
Paul Haberfield 
Calvin Haddad 
Dr. George Hafitz and Nancy Levine 
Ms. Ruth Haimowitz 
Monty and Marilyn Hall 
Ms. Ester Hallman 
Dr. Edward and Beth Halperin In honor of Anthony Halperin, MD
Norman and Marion Halpern 
Mr. Marvin B. Haltzer 
Barnett W. Hamberger in memory of his mother Anita (Anne) Hamberger
Sonya Hamlin 
Mr. Warren H. Handel 
Frank and Troim Katz Handler 
William Hanellin 
Ellen Harris 
Beatrice Harris 
Robert and Laurie Hart In honor of Phil Appelbaum
Sylvan Hart 
Ronald Hartman 
Sheila Hass 
Ann J. Hastings 
Stanley and Marie Hecht 
Joel Hecker 
Ms. Dina E. Heisler 
Edwin Helitzer and Cindy Helitzer 
Aline P. Heller 
Paul and Ruth Heller 
Dr. Richard A. Heller
Dr. Jerome and Sandra Helman 
Vikki S. Helperin 
Rita and Myron Hendel 
Burton and Toshiko Hering 
William H. Hersh 
Eileen and Rob Hershberg 
Robert Hershkowitz 
Marian Neustadt Hershman 
Steve and Susan Herskovits 
Edythe M. Herson 
Bernard and Anita Hertzman 
Harry Herzel 
John E. Herzog 
Bonnie and Lee Hiller 
Leonard Hirsch 
Adam and Beverly Hirschfeld 
Michael and Meryl Hittman 
Mr. William Hochhausen 
Sherylle M. Hochman 
David and Carolyn Hockstein 
Jack and Bunny Hoffinger 
Mr. Fred F. Hoffman 
Morton and Sandra Hoffman 
Sheila Hoffman 
Barbara Hollman 
Sterling and Margaret Hopkins 
David Horowitz 
Mr. Robert Horowitz 
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Hyman 
Mr. Benjamin Hyman 
Lloyd and Kathleen Hyman 
IBM Corporation 
Lois B. Illman 
Dr. David and Mrs. Linda Inwood 
Stephen and Leslie Isaacs 
Marilyn Isaacson 
Mrs. Shirley Jackel 
James and Karen Jackman 
Bonnie Gelb Jackson 
Albert Jacobs 
Judy Jacobs 
Miriam Jacobson 
Robert and Judith Jacobson 
Ann Jaffe 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jaffe 
Natalie Jaffe 
Mr. Bruce L. Jaffee 
Joanna James 
Murray and Marsha Jaros 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jayson 
Russel R Johnston 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Julie 
Marilyn B. Jurich 
Martin and Jean Kaback 
Orrin Kabaker 
Eugene and Elaine Kagan 
Irwin and June Kahn 
Melvin and Annie Kahn 
Ms. Brenda M. Kamen 
Ms. Anna B. Kaminer 
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Kanter 
Mr. and Mrs. A Kantor 
Allen P. Kaplan 
Col. Harvey and Mrs. Naomi Kaplan 
Mr. Lawrence J. Kaplan 
Muriel Kaplan 
Rosalyn Kaplan 
Mr. Samuel A. Kaplan 
Mrs. Beatrice Karger 
Stephanie Karger 
Ms. Rita R. Karmiol 
Dr. Shelby Kashket 
Michael and Barbara Katch 
Mark Katsnelson 
Ms. Diane R. Katz in memory of beloved parents, Louis and Esther Biales Katz
Dr. Sidney and Helen Katz 
Stanley and Florence Katz 
Victor and Phyllis Katz 
Ms. J.K. Kaufman 
Barbara M. Kaufman 
Morton I. Kaufman 
Ronald and Barbara Kaufman 
Sherwin Kaufman 
Jerry and Patricia Kaye 
Laurence and Shirley Kedes 
Ms. Barbara J. Keller 
Ms. Jane Keller 
Dr. Mark Keller 
Roz Keller 
Sylvia Keller 
Dr. Henry and Linda Kellerman 
Andrea Kempf 
Rabbi Paul Kerbel 
Ms. Laura Kerben 
Leila Kern and Stewart Urist 
Richard and Susan Kesner 
Mrs. Dove D. Kessler 
Terri Keville 
Mr. Paul Kimmel 
Mary L. Kindman 
Madeline Kiner 
Gerald Kirshenbaum 
Mrs. Josie Kivort 
William Kizner 
Lydia Klatsky 
Judith Klau 
Professor Samuel Klausner 
Mr. Bernard Klein 
Harris and Jean Klein 
Janet S. Klein 
Harry and Margaret Klompas 
Carl Klorman 
Dr. and Mrs. David Koch 
Joanne and Lewis Koch 
Bonnie Kogos 
Reuben and Estelle Kogut 
George and Peggy Ann Kornreich 
Theodore J. Kotzin 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kowal 
Edith Kraimer 
Jack and Janet Kramer 
Joel Kramer 
Rozann Kraus 
Leonard and Hanna Kravitz 
Scheldon and Rose G. Kress 
Beatrice Krivetsky 
Mr. Simcha Kruger 
Ms. Estelle I. Krumholz 
Mr. Norman L. Kudan 
Edouard Kujawski 
Mary and Ben Kuller 
Lillian Kunian 
Mr. Michael Kupferschmid 
Sara and Julio Kuplinsky 
Judith Kurland 
Robert Kurtz 
Robert and Edith Kushner 
Stephen and Gina Kutikoff 
Zachary and Trude Kutner 
Dr. Karen Kwitter and Steven Souza 
Norman and Carol Labelson 
Ann Lackowitz 
Jerome Lampert
Deena Landau 
Mr. Philip Landau 
Ms. Susan Landau 
Hollis Landauer 
David M. Landaw 
Roger Landay 
Sora E. Landes 
Rabbi Lynne Landsberg 
Coralie Lang 
Marie-Claude Lang
David Langbart 
Reuben and Regina Lansky 
Harvey and Lorraine Lappen 
Dr. Malcolm G. Largmann 
Gerald and Adrienne Lasin 
Julius and Ann Lasnick 
Mrs. Judith Lawson 
Rabbi Robert Layman 
H. Lazarowitz and C. Manganillo 
Allan M. Lazarus 
Alice Learman 
Todd and Lauren Leavitt 
Gail LeBow 
Ms. Alicia Leff and Dr. Stephen Shanfield 
Sheldon and Joy Leffler 
Dr. Ronald and Rhonda Lehrer 
Marv Lehrman and Paisha Rochlin-Lehrman 
Jack and Alice Leibman 
Abraham Leibson 
Jefferey S. Lejfer 
Howard L. Lemberg 
Barry and Amy Lerner 
Evelyn Leslie 
Eric Lessinger 
Jeremy Levenson 
Daniel and Marjorie Levin 
Dora and Mark Levin 
Janet Levin 
Dr. Judith Levin 
Ken and Nancy Levin 
Ms. Myrna Levin 
Rita Levin 
Adeline Levine 
Ruth Levine 
Howard Levine 
Hy Levine 
Joan Levine 
Mr. Melvin Levine 
Rose Levine 
Peter Levine 
Dr. Seymour and Irene Levine 
Sheldon and Cristina Levinson 
Ms. Ella G. Levy and Dr. Jesse M. Levy 
Harvey L. Levy 
Israel and Nadine Levy 
Helen Lewin 
Floyd and Carol Lewis 
Jeffrey Lewis and Kayla Engle-Lewis 
Madeleine Lewis in memory of her grandchildren
Martin Lewis and Susan Molloy 
Marvin and Betty Libson 
Joel and Susan Lichtenstein 
Theodor Lichtmann 
Laurence and Gloria Lieberman 
Mr. Richard H. Lieberman 
Dr. Rita Lieberman 
Linette Liebling and Peter Demuth 
Frances Liebman 
Dr. Martin and Marion Liebowitz 
Elliot and Alice Liff 
Allen and Adina Linden 
Linda Linder 
Adinah Lindner 
Michael N and Mina Jo Linver 
Elliot and Eva Lipchik 
Gershon and Sonia Lipenholtz 
Malkah F. Lipman 
Mr. Herbert A. Lippitz 
Dr. Robert Lipshutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lipton 
Nancy and Alan Lipton 
Sidney Lipton 
Rabbi Alan Litwak 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Litwer 
Joshua London in memory of Chazzen Moshe Reuven ben Dov mendel, z"l
Leanna Khaye Loomer 
Andrea Losben in memory of husband , Stephen J. Losben, MD
Elaine Lowenberg 
Michael and Ruth Lowy 
Mr. Joseph Lurie 
Florette and Ronald Lynn 
Dr. Sidney and Kathryn Machefsky 
Peg MacKnight 
Albert Macovski 
Harriet Maddy, Fran Ozeri & Bruce Maddy 
Mel Mael 
Ted and Roberta Mael 
Linda and Daniel Magalnick 
Rochelle Magarick 
Mr. and Mrs. David Magier 
Thomas and Margaret Magnani 
Richard and Evelyn Male 
Maurice Malin 
Mr. Alan Mallach 
Doris Maller 
Dr. Eric S. Maller 
Adina H Malmon 
Harvey Mamon and Roberta Fern 
Florence Mangel 
Dr. Charles Mann 
Fred Mansbach and Toni Landau 
Dr. Murray and Honey Manson 
Evelyn Mantell 
Robert Marchand in memory of Sidney Lansky
Marcus Printing 
Ben and Ann Marcus 
Judith and Don Marcus 
Raymond and Letha Marcus 
Jo Ann Margolis 
Mr. Yale Marienhoff 
Eugene L. Mark 
Dr. Irving and Betty Markowitz 
Attorney Jeffrey A. Marks 
Evelyn Marshak 
Barbara Martin 
Dr. Bruce R. Martin 
Helen Martin-Block 
Sharron Mason 
Robert and Tali Mathis 
Ron Matloff 
Ruth A. Mauer 
Dr. Alexander and Karen Mauskop 
Lester and Joyce Maxik 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Maxwell 
Evelyn May 
Jules and Barbara Meisler 
Mel and Ilene Meister 
Cantor Emily Mekler and Marc Cohen In honor of Jim Sleeper
Rita and Paul Menitoff 
Dr. A. D. Merav 
Shirley Merken 
Dr. Stuart and Carol Mest 
Dr. Linda Metzger 
Gerald Meyer and Luis Romero 
Laura and Alexander Meyerovich 
Bernard Meyers 
Ms. Jeannette Meyers 
Moriah Meyers 
Barbara T. Michaels 
Sally H. Michaels 
Max Michelson 
Mr. Michael A. Michelson 
Irving and Harriet Michlin 
Harriet Mihlstin 
Linda Milan and Steve Zweibeck 
Samuel Miles 
Riva Milgram 
Dr. Alan Miller 
Charles and Ruthellen Miller 
Mr. Charles A. Miller 
Donald and Barbara Miller 
Ms. Goldie Miller 
Honora P. Miller 
Jerome Miller 
Lori G. Miller 
Ellen R. Miller
Lois P. Miller 
Seymour and Floranna Miller 
Stephen Miller 
Wayne and Debbie Miller 
Dr. Philip Millstein 
Valentina Milshteyn 
Rodney and Gerre Minkin 
Martin Minkowitz and Carol Ziegler 
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz 
Jeffrey Miripol 
Arlynn and David Mirvis 
Barbara Mishael 
Dr. Blima Mitre 
Barbara L. Mittenberg 
Bernard and Diane Mogil 
Abraham and Raquel Monk 
Mr. David B. Monoson 
Tony and Jackie Montag 
Alexandra Moore 
Mrs. Debra L. Moore 
Sally W. Morgan 
Stanley W. Morgenstern 
Helen Morris 
Alvin and Michele Morrison 
Jose Moscovich 
Dr. Myron Moskowitz 
Philip Moss 
Douglas Mossman 
Lillian Nadler 
Richard Nadler 
Ruth K. Nash 
Dr. Stanley Nass 
Mr. Paul D. Neuwirth 
Dan and Lisa Newman 
David S. Newman 
Diana Newman 
George J. Newman 
Jack and Loretta Newman 
Jay and Maia Newman 
Ruth Ellen Nightingale 
Susan Nimowitz 
Arthur and June Nislick 
Nick Nobbe 
Alison Noiles and Laurence Gardner 
Dr. Bernard Norwood 
Misia Nudler 
Elliott and Marsha Ober 
Mr. Arnold Ogof and Phyllis Zaid Ogof 
Rima Ogrin 
Samuel P. Oliner 
J. Hannah Orden 
Sylvia Orenstein 
Sanford and Martha Orenstein 
Lawrence and Marlene Ornston 
Irene G. Ostroff 
Cyd and Marvin Ostrovsky 
Algy Oustatcher 
Diane Packman 
Dr. Lawrence Pakula in memory of beloved wife Sheila
Dr. Gerald and Estelle Palevsky 
Mirra Papir 
Reynold and Bette Paris 
Alan and Joan Parker 
Leonard and Gloria Parker 
Dr. Irving and Ruth Parnes 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pashcow 
Rabbi Shimon Paskow 
Anita Passman 
Gerhard and Glenda Paulesich 
Gerhard and Glenda Paulesich
Rochelle Pearl 
Dr. Jack Peisach 
Micha and Naomi Peleg 
Elzbieta Lidert Pelish 
Laura Penn 
Rochelle and Stephan Perchick 
Rosa Perelmuter
Donald Perl 
Ben Perlmutter 
Herbert A. Perluck 
Bertha Person 
Ms. Marilyn S. Pet 
Mrs. Wille H. Peters 
Lorna M. Peterson 
Sima R. Petri 
Mrs. Erna Pfeffer 
Al Phillips 
Lawrence and Rena Pigula 
Salomon and Herta Pila 
Ms. Lucy Pilcer 
Jodie Pine 
Dr. Vera Pless 
Jack and Charlotte Podell 
Irwin and Sheila Polishook 
Mr. Albert Pollack 
David and Amy Pollack 
Elaine Pollack 
Elliott and Eileen Pollack 
Robert and Amy Pollack 
Harold Pollin 
Stanley Pollock 
Gordon Polon and Lisa Altman 
Steve and Susan Potashner 
Mr. Neil Powers 
Barbara Prackneck 
Peter Prahar 
Larry and Florence Preiser 
Joanne Prives 
Thomas Middleton Quin 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Rabe 
Dr. Robert Rabinoff 
Melvin and Myrna Rabinowitz 
Melvin and Myrna Rabinowitz 
Nathan Raboy 
Harvey and Carol Raff 
Harvey and Ann Raider 
Lois Raj 
Ms. Susan D. Ralston 
Mr. Charles Rammelkamp 
Dr. Roslyn Ramsey 
Stephen M. Raphael 
Morton and Bracha Rappaport 
Ms. Bernice Rappoport 
Mr. Allen Raskin 
Andrea Raskin in memory of Florence Shomer
Andrea Raskin 
Rita and R Malcolm Ratson 
Ms. Jannette Ray 
Doris Rechtman 
Eileen F. Regen 
Abe Reich 
Pauline Reich 
Susan L. Rein 
Alan and Joan Reische 
Robert Reisman 
Ms. Elaine S. Reiss 
Norma Reiss 
Rosemary Reiss and Avner Ash 
Dr. Jack M. Reiter 
Jay A. Resnick 
Joseph Rezits 
Sheila Richard 
Fred M. Richman 
Joseph Rine 
Alan Rinzler 
Michael Rivkind 
Sean P. Roach 
Dr. Martin and Ada Roberts 
Arthur and Claire Robin 
Sandra Robinson 
Barbara Rochman 
Noah Roitman 
Oskar Rokhlin 
Mrs. Shulamith B. Rones 
Jennie Rose 
Professor Robert and Mrs. Martha Rose 
Dr. Gerald Rosen 
Alexander and Frieda Rosenberg 
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Rosenberg 
Edie Rosenberg and Dr. Robert Gross 
Leonard and Miriam Rosenberg 
Joan and Martin Rosenblatt 
David Rosenbluth 
Rosalyn and Jack Rosenbluth 
Robert Rosenfeld 
Terry and Ilene Rosenfeld 
Alan and Ellen Rosenfield 
Albert Rosenfield 
Dr. Amy J. Rosenthal 
Harold and Sue Rosenthal 
Richard Rosenthal 
Fred Rosenzweig 
Herbert and Jean Rosner 
Sidney and Joann Rosoff 
Beverly and Michael Ross 
Marcy Ross in memory of Frances Stave
Arthur and Ellen Rosten 
Sylvia Rotblat 
Gary and Laura Roth 
Michael Roth 
Sheldon and Barbara Rothblatt 
Rabbi Moshe and Lois Rothblum 
Mina Roth-Dornfeld 
Irwin Z. Rothenberg 
Bonnie Rothman 
Elliot Rothman 
Harriet R. Rothschild 
Joseph and Phyllis Rothstein 
Michael Rotman 
Nancy Roucher 
Adrienne M Royden 
Estelle Rubenstein 
Ruth R. Rubin 
Ms. Evelyn Rubin 
Gil and Phyllis Rubin 
Harvey and Connie Rubin 
Hilda Rubin 
Ira and Carol Rubin 
Joseph Rubinovitz 
Deborah Rubinstein
Ziona Rubenstejn in honor of the wedding of Sara and Phil Stern 
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Rudorfer 
Mr. Joseph Ruhm 
Jerry Rumain and D. Nicholas Russo 
Zachary and Gloria Rutkin 
Lawrence and Lois Ruttman 
Jeffrey and Cheryl Saffer 
William and Marian Safran 
Rabbi James and Lori Sagarin 
Myrna Ann Saltman 
Gloria Saltzman 
Michael and Ruth Sapan Samberg 
Rena and Amiram Samin 
Samuel & Francine Klagsbrun Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Harris J. Samuels 
Miriam Sandweiss 
David and Phyllis Saphra 
Marilyn Saposh 
Ms. Pearl Sauerhaft 
Gilda Saul 
Dr. Chana Schachner 
Robert and Yoelene Schaefer 
Abraham and Celma Schaeffer 
Stanley and Natalie Schaeffer 
Jerry and Marlene Scharr 
Mr. Norman H. Schaumberger 
Mr. P. B. Schechter 
Simon and Doris Scheff 
Laurie Scheffler 
Donald and Eleanor Scheiner 
Diane Schenker 
Howard Schenker 
David and Suanne Scherr
Irma Scherz 
Mitchell Schlansky and Laura Blank 
Dr. Austin A. Schlecker 
Haim Schlick 
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Schneider 
Esther Schneiderman 
Bruce and Renee Schnur 
William Schofield 
Dr. Robert and Andrea Schreibman 
Hans Schroeder 
Kathryn Schubert 
Steven Schuelein 
Gloria Schulman 
Marylyn Schultz 
Steven and Anne Schuman 
Marvin Schurgin 
Michelle and Steven Schuster 
Tom and Lois Schwab in memory of Anne Heilman
Barbara Schwartz 
Dr. Bernard S. Schwartz 
Diane Schwartz 
Harvey and Lois Schwartz 
Jeffrey Schwartz 
Mr. Melvin J. Schwartz 
Dr. Mischa Schwartz 
Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff 
Sarah Schwartz 
Sol Schwartz 
Roslyn Schwartzberg 
Barry and Judith Schwarz
Sidney and Marion Schweiger 
Julian and Joan Schwimmer 
Marvin and Roslyn Segner 
Robert Seidenberg 
Joan R. Seif 
Ms. Bessie Selevan 
Florence Seligman 
Dorine M. Foster - Selleck 
Benjamin Senitzky 
Bill Shaevel 
Victor and Maxine Shaines 
Maish and Mary Shalit 
Ana M. Shane 
William E. Shanok 
Alan P. Shapiro 
Deanna Shapiro 
Diana A Shapiro 
Dr. Irving Shapiro 
Isidore Shapiro 
Isidore Shapiro 
Sara Shapiro 
Seymour and Ella Shapiro 
Steven and Beth Shapiro 
Yaira Shapiro 
Pearl Shaps 
Anita L. Shatz 
Doris Shaw 
Steve Sheinkin 
Martha Sherman 
Ms. Florence Shiff 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shifrin 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shifrin 
Robert and Cynthia Shilkret 
Mr. Jerome Shindelman 
Allen and Gail Shiner 
Dr. Irving and Davida Shipkowitz 
Barry and Sandra Shmookler 
Elizabeth and Jeremy Shook 
Dr. Stephen and Carol Shore 
Dr. Eli and Betty Shulman 
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Bernice Shuman 
Calvin and Sue Siegal 
Mrs. Evelyne Siegal 
Nancy L. Siegal 
Mrs. Eilene M. Siegel 
Peter Silberman 
Neil Silins 
Dr. Ann-Louise and Dr. Stuart Silver 
Dr. Lawrence Silver 
Susan Silver 
Brad Silverman 
Mr. Joseph E. Silverman 
Marilyn K. Silverman 
Perry Silverman 
Phillip Silverman 
Barbara F. Simon 
Charlotte Simon 
Lee and Devra Simon 
Dr. Norman and Harriet Simon 
Robert H. M. and Sheila Simon 
Bruce and Mary Louise Singer 
Pam Singer 
Rosalind Singer 
Ralph and Claire Sinick 
Dr. Beverly S. Sirota 
Mr. Robert Skole 
Paul and Miriam Slater 
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Sharon Sleeper In honor of Jim Sleeper
Martin and Judith Sleeper In honor of Jim Sleeper
Michael and Carol Sleeper In honor of Jim Sleeper
Robert and Ann Sleeper In honor of Jim Sleeper
Gilda Slifka 
Mr. Jerome M. Smith 
Stuart Smith 
Jerome and Rose Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sobel 
Paul and Nancy Solnick 
Martin Solomon 
Yedidiah Solowiejczyk 
Betty Sorkowitz 
R. Stephen and Sandy Soule
Dr. Elliott Spanier 
A. Spector 
Zanwil and Merilee Sperber 
Mrs. Phyllis Spiegel 
Elaine Spieler 
Jacob Spitz 
Dr. David Spodick 
Lawrence Stahl 
Ms. Beatrice Stanger 
Ruth Stanger 
Attorney Harold and Frieda Stangler 
Esta G. Star 
Anita Stark 
Hilda and Bob Stark 
Ruth Stark and Abraham Malz in memory of Morrie Helzner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Starr 
Ms. Ruth G. Starr 
Brianna Steidle 
Esther G. Stein 
Ms. Frieda Stein 
Ms. Gail Stein 
Howard and Irene Stein 
Linda T. Stein 
Norman Stein 
Rhoda Stein 
Sanford and Seena Stein 
Allan Steinberg 
Fern Steinberg 
Dr. Sandra K. Steingart 
Susan Steinhart in memory of Carolyn & M. Leonard Chertoff
Stephen and Renee Steinig 
Heddy Steinman 
Gary Stern 
Geraldine Stern 
Jon Sterngass and Karen Weltman 
Fannie Stevens 
Helene and Robert Stonehill 
Ms. Helen G. Stopek 
Dr. William Strange 
Mr. Alan J. Strauss 
Benton and Sandra Strauss 
Laura Strauss 
Dr. Rochelle Strenger and Peter Holden 
Douglas and Susan Strom 
Howard Stromberg 
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Stultz 
David and Beverly Sufian 
Ms. Reva K. Swartz 
Mary C. Symonton 
Abe and Esther Szmukler 
Harry and Mabel Tannenbaum 
Herbert Tanowitz 
Ian and Ruth Taras 
Ms. Vivian Tartak 
Ida R. Tatelbaum 
Natalie Tatz 
Leonard Taubenblatt and Renee Starr 
Leo Tauber 
Dr. Morton E. Tavel 
Judith Taylor 
Dita Teitelbaum 
Janice H. Temple 
Zeena Tendis 
Ms. Irene Tenenbaum 
Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum 
Judy E. Tenney 
Mrs. Merle Terry 
Oscar and Rosemarie Tevelow 
The Setton Foundation 
Harris Tiger 
Dr. Harvey Tilles
Fred and Karleen Tischler 
Tamie Tobe
Frank Tobin and Ilene Chester 
Irving and Phyllis Tobin 
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Judy Todtfeld 
Mark Tomko 
Jean Tomzik 
Ms. Gwen S. Toub 
Michael Trachtenberg 
Howard and Rhea Troffkin 
Ramon and Mindy Tublitz 
Floyd and Marcia Tuler in memory of Jack Tuler and Alice Tuler, parents whose first language was Yiddish
Kenneth Turan and Patricia Williams 
Eve Tutnick 
Mrs. Judith Alper Udall 
Judith Ugalde 
Bernice Ullmann 
Dr. and Ms. Warren Umansky 
Sarah L. Umlas 
Mr. Velazquez 
Leon and Rita Vilinsky 
Dorothy C. Vine 
Paul and Michele Vishny 
Stephen and Esther Vogel 
Irma Volk 
Martin and Mary Wagner 
Elizabeth Wajnberg and Allan Dietz 
Irving and Florence Waksberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wakshull 
John Walber in memory of Muriel Slavet
Harold and Miriam Wallach 
Fran E. Waltman 
Naomi and Neil Warner 
Elaine Warren 
Helen L. Wasser
Jeffrey and Iris Wasserstein 
Andrea Watkins 
Esther F. Wattenberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weinberg 
Ruth Weinberg 
Ethelind Weiner 
Shirley Weiner 
Steven Weinshel 
Mr. Michael B. Weinstein 
Doris Weinstock 
Patricia Ross Weis 
Roney and Gail Weis 
Estelle Weisberg 
Marcia E. Weiser 
Dr. Bradley and Debra Weiss 
Lee Weiss 
Merle Weiss 
Ned Weiss 
Roslyn Weiss 
Jeffrey Weissman 
Ms. Gail Wells 
William and Marlene Wertheim 
Howard Wesoky 
Ardis Wexler 
Jack and Adelle Wexler 
Ms. Judith E. Wexler 
Dr. and Mrs. Morris S. Whitcup 
Mrs. Myra White 
Sheldon and Rhoda Whitman 
Jack and Nancy Wiadro 
Professor Benjamin Wieder 
Myrna Wierenga 
Paula Wilkes 
Annie Williams 
Richard and Frances Winneg 
Belle Winston 
Scott Wirtzman 
David Wishnevsky 
Joan P. Wohl 
Irving and Elaine Wolbrom 
Carol and Max Wolf 
Ellen Wolf 
Daniel and Ruth Wolinsky 
Irwin Wolk 
Marion Wolk 
Morton and Anita Wolkowitz 
Dr. Herbert Wyman 
Sharon Wynd 
Stan Yacknin
Arnold and Linda Yagoda 
Morris and Gail Yamner 
Louise and Yossie Yariv 
Victor and Geraldine Yarne 
Dr. Melvin A. Yoselevsky
Dr. Annette Zaner 
Shoshanah Zaritt 
Dennis and Anne Zavett In honor of Jim Sleeper
David Zeitler 
Violet Zeitlin 
Mark Zelinsky 
Rona S. Zemel 
Mr. Allen Zemmol 
Fay Zerbo in memory of Ben & Lillian Koeppel
Solomon Zimmerman, DDS 
Dr. Stanley and Joanne Zimmerman 
Sarita K. Zimmermann 
Ann Zion 
Ms. Fay Zipkowitz and Mr. Gordon Fretwell 
Margot B. Zipper 
Alan Ziskin 
Frann Ziskin 
Dr. Mae L. Ziskin 
Professor Jonathan and Martha Ziskind 
Dr. Barry and Mrs. Shirley Zitomer 
Dr. & Mrs. Leon and Sarisa Zoghlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Zorman 
Rick and Julie Zucker in memory of Nelson L. "Joe" Zucker
Mr. Leonard Zuckerbraun 
Gilbert Zuckerman