Hanukkah Party

Professor Kluger's beginner Yiddish class is having a Hanukkah simkhe (party). Answer the multiple-choice questions following the image below.


Inspect the image provided and answer the questions below. You may view the questions in either Yiddish script or transliteration by clicking on the corresponding button.

Click the option you think best answers each question, then click the "check answers" button to see how you did. Items highlighted green are correct. Items highlighted orange are incorrect.
Choose how you'd like to answer the questions:

Created by Jordan Brown, Yiddish Book Center Fellow and co-author of In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook with Asya Vaisman Schulman and Mikhl Yashinsky.

Illustration of Hanukkah party by Alexander Vaisman and Shura Vaisman.

Header image from Mol un dertseyl by Tsirl Waletzky. See the full book through the Yiddish Book Center's Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library.