2020 Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue

Coming to America

The 2020 Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue is available on our site here (all pieces are linked below) or you can download it as an e-book:

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Madeleine Cohen Translation Editor
Lisa Newman Executive Editor 
Abigail Weaver Translation Managing Editor
Greg Lauzon Copyeditor
Alexander Isley Inc. Art Direction and Design
Cover illustration by Douglas Jones

Support for Pakn Treger comes from

The Kaplen Fund for Pakn Treger
The Joseph and Marion Brechner Fund for Jewish Cultural Reporting
The Charles Corfield Fund for Pakn Treger
The Mark Pinson Fund for Pakn Treger

Copyright in each translation is held by the translator. Copyright for “Immigration” is held by the Isaac Bashevis Singer Literary Trust.


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