The Glass Plates of Lublin, with Aaron Lansky, Lisa Newman and Piotr Nazaruk

Recorded Live Via Zoom on March 10, 2022


A special talk to celebrate publication of the The Glass Plates of Lublin. The book features selections from the 2,700 glass photographic plates discovered in the attic of a nineteenth-century apartment building in the former Jewish section of Lublin, Poland. Taken between 1913 and 1930, they capture the teeming life of Lublin before the war, at a time when Jews composed a third of the city’s population. The images include Jews and Poles, children and the elderly, young lovers, workers, athletes, and everyday people who posed for a camera long ago never dreaming that their portraits would one day be of interest to anyone.

In a conversation with Leora Tec, the book’s editors Aaron Lansky, Lisa Newman and Piotr Nazaruk talk about the fascinating history behind the glass plate negative collection of Lublin, and the newly released The Glass Plates of Lublin (White Goat Press 2022 with Grodzka Gate–NN Theatre Centre in Lublin.)


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