Yiddish Comes to America Part II, with Madeleine Cohen

A Live, Online Event Recorded Via Zoom on August 27, 2020

A young couple is separated by an ocean, long-lost siblings are reunited in the new country, and proud immigrant parents watch their child take on a profession they themselves could never have imagined. These are some of the transformations of personal relationships explored in works of Yiddish literature newly translated into English and recently published in the 2020 Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue: Yiddish Comes to America. This program will include readings by the translators of three works of literature included in Yiddish Comes to America (these will be different readings than in part one of this series). The short readings will be introduced and discussed by Madeleine Cohen, translation editor for the issue and the academic director at the Yiddish Book Center.

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