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"A Revolution in Yiddish-Language Pedagogy": Introducing The New Yiddish Textbook

Asya Vaisman Schulman, director of the Yiddish Book Center's Yiddish Language Institute, visits with The Shmooze to talk about the forthcoming release of In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook (White Goat Press, 2020). In conversation with Asya, we learn about the communicative approach to language learning, the role of the illustrated characters that are central to the book, and the companion website and multimedia resources that are part of the two-volume textbook. Due out in mid-August 2020, the textbook will be a boon to Yiddish-language teachers and learners alike—including those learning independently or in a classroom or community group setting.

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Publication of In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook was made possible by the generous support of Michael and Tatiana Reiff and the members and friends of the Yiddish Book Center.