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Javier Sinay on Argentinian Journalist Pinie Katz and the Murders of Moises Ville

On a visit with Buenos Aires-based journalist and translator Javier Sinay, we learn about his new book, La caja de letras (The Box of Letters), which is a rescue of an old book about the origins of Argentinian Jewish journalism originally written in Yiddish in 1929 by the journalist and writer Pinie Katz. The book, which Javier translated from Yiddish into Spanish, looks back at the years 1898–1914, when around forty magazines and newspapers started. One of these, Der viderkol, was started by Javier’s great-grandfather, who immigrated from Belarus. In conversation, we also hear about Javier’s book about the murders of Moises Ville, a new English translation forthcoming from Restless Books in 2022.

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