Grants for Publishers

Each year the Yiddish Book Center awards a small number of grants to publishers bringing out new works of Yiddish literature in English translation. In selecting grantees we prioritize publishers and projects with the potential to bring Yiddish literature to a wide audience at an affordable price. We give special consideration to projects by translators who have participated in the Center's Translation Fellowship.

To apply for a publisher grant, use the application form below.

Grant Details

Most grants will be between $2,000–3,000, and the funds can be applied toward the translator's fee and/or printing costs. Once published, books that have been awarded grants will be promoted by the Yiddish Book Center through social media as well as through a variety of other channels, which may include the Center's podcast, print magazine, website, and member newsletters.

Past grantees include:


  • The Tavern of Popricani, by Yitskhok Horowitz, translated by Ollie Elkus, published by Naydus Press (2022)
  • London Yiddishtown: East End Jewish Life in Yiddish Sketch and Story, 1930–1950: Selected Works of Katie Brown, A. M. Kaizer, and I. A. Lisky, translated by Vivi Lachs, published by Wayne State University Press (2021)
  • From the Vilna Ghetto to Nuremberg: Memoir and Testimony by Abraham Sutzkever, translated by Justin Cammy, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press (2021)
  • On the Landing by Yenta Mash, translated by Ellen Cassedy, published by Northern Illinois University Press (2018)
  • Pioneers: The First Breach by S. An-sky, translated by Rose Waldman, published by Syracuse University Press (2017)

Application Requirements and Conditions

  • Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis, and grants are awarded twice yearly, in March and September. 
  • Applications must be submitted by publishers, not by translators.
  • We only consider applications for projects in which a contract has already been signed between the publisher and the translator, but the book has not yet been printed.
  • We consider books in the following genres: fiction, literary prose, poetry, drama, memoir, literary non-fiction, works for children and young people, journalism, essays, biography, and history.
  • Publishers must acknowledge the support of the Yiddish Book Center on the book itself and in all marketing and promotional materials. Exact details of the wording and placement of the acknowledgement must be agreed upon by the publisher and the Yiddish Book Center before book design is completed and before marketing of the book commences.
  • The publisher and the translator will supply necessary information (e.g., bios, photographs) and will assist in the Center's promotional efforts for the book, including by agreeing to be interviewed for the Center's various media channels.

Application Form

Our online form now allows you to save a draft of your application. Click the “save draft” button at the bottom of the page and copy and save the secure link that appears in the green box at the top of the screen.  If you have any questions, please contact Mindl Cohen at [email protected]

Please attach a cover letter including a description of the book, author, translator, publisher, and any planned introductory or supplementary materials. Please describe target audiences for the work and the press’s plans to promote and market the book. Please also address how the grant will be used (e.g., to enable the press to reduce the cover price of the book, to direct more resources toward promoting the book, etc.).
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.
Please attach a sample of the manuscript (maximum 20 pages).
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.
Please attach a budget for the project including translator fee, printing costs, promotional budget, etc.
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.
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