God of Vengeance

Decade of Discovery event at the JCC East Bay | San Francisco

God of Vengeance

"Considered one of the most psychologically revealing plays of the first half of the 20th century, God of Vengeance is still controversial for its views on religious hypocrisy, morality, and sexual freedom.

This is the story of an observant Jewish family trying to survive during hard times. The father runs a brothel in their cellar, attempting to make enough money to commission a Torah scroll so he can marry off his daughter to a yeshiva student and keep her pure. Tensions mount as arrangements are made and passions are exchanged, while others threaten his plans. When he discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with one of his prostitutes, his belief that God will exact vengeance upon him begins to unravel his mind into madness." (Source: Yiddish Theatre Ensemble)

PLAY | God of Vengeance

Date:            September 2020
Time:            TBA
Location:     Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
                     1414 Walnut St
                     Berkeley, CA 94709

This production of the play is a Bay Area premiere and features the English translation by Caraid O'Brien. Yiddish Book Center bibliographer and editorial director David Mazower—great-grandson of playwright Sholem Asch—will give a pre-production lecture.

COST:           TBA

Information and tickets for this event are forthcoming on the Yiddish Theatre Ensemble website

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