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0:17 - Introduction 0:35 - Assaf Speaks About His Family Background

Keywords: family background; Holland, Netherlands; Holocaust; Lublin, Poland; multilingualism; Old Country; Polish language; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language

3:09 - Assaf Explains His Family's Immigration to Israel, and Their Experiences in the Army

Keywords: aliyah; British Army; family background; Haifa, Israel; immigrants; immigration; Polish Army; Polish Exile Army; relationships; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

6:48 - Assaf Describes His Childhood in Tel Aviv 8:52 - Assaf's Educational Background

Keywords: education; experimental music; Hebrew school; IDF radio station; Israeli Defense Forces; music composition; music education; music production; musicology; primary school; Royal Conservatory of Holland

12:37 - Assaf's Musical Background

Keywords: accordion; experimental music; folk music; Jewish music; KlezCanada; KlezKanada; music composition; musical genres; Oy Division; piano; primitive music

19:32 - Assaf Explains His Connection to Yiddish Language 20:52 - Assaf's Ethnomusicological Research and the Folk Music Scene in Israel

Keywords: accordion player; Alan Bern; ethnomusicology; folk music; Jewish Arab music; Jewish music; Moldova; Morton Feldman; musical ethnography; Tel aviv, Israel; Tel-aviv, Israel

27:04 - Assaf Speaks About Israeli Nationalism and Jewish Identity in Israel

Keywords: Ashkenazi Jews; assimilation; education; Hebrew language; Israel; Jewish culture; Jewish ethnicity; Jewish identity; Jewish nationality; Jewish religion; nationalism; politics; Yiddish language

34:15 - Assaf's Musical Project with Daniel Kahn 35:11 - Assaf Speaks About the Yiddish Music Revival in Israel 37:39 - Assaf's Current Musical Projects and Performing Concerts in Poland

Keywords: Abraham Sutzkever; Avrom Sutzkever; Bundists; career; concerts; family history; folk music; Jewish community; Kazimierz; Krakau; Krako; Kraków Festival; Kraków, Poland; music composition; musicians; poetry; The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow; The Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków

41:44 - The Role of Music in Political Activism 43:14 - Assaf Considers the Process of Cultural Transmission and the Value of Preserving History

Keywords: biological diversity; cultural diversity; cultural revival; cultural transmission; dead languages; historical preservation; Jewish music; musical revival; preserving history; recorded music; Yiddish revival; Yiddish songs

51:14 - Assaf Considers Whether Musicians Can Be Activists 53:03 - Assaf Speaks About the Value of Learning to Play Folk Music 56:36 - Assaf Speaks About European Music Festival Audiences 61:09 - Assaf Speaks About the Role of Music In Promoting the Acceptance Cultural Diversity 62:59 - Assaf Shares Some Advice With Younger Musicians