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0:00 - Introduction 0:44 - Michael Describes His Childhood, Education, and Musical Beginnings

Keywords: 1800s; America; Bette Midler; Camp Ramah; childhood home; clarinet; education; family background; grandparents; guitar; Hebrew language; Hebrew school; immigrants; immigration; Irving Fields; Jewish holidays; Jewish home; Jewish music; Jewish upbringing; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; klezmer music; Long Island, New York; Massachusetts; Mickey Katz; modern American Jewry; Old Country; parents; Passover; Pesach; peysekh; piano; Polish descent; professional musician; public school; Russian descent; schul; shul; the Berkshires; U.S.; United States; Workmen's Circle; Yiddish scene

7:56 - How Going to KlezKamp as a Teenager Influenced Michael as a Musician

Keywords: adolescence; Camp Ramah; Catskill Mountains; Catskills; clarinet; Jenny Romaine; KlezKamp; klezmer music; musical background; musician; New York City; saxophone; Sid Beckerman; summer camp; teenage years; theater program; theatre program; Yiddish music

9:53 - Michael's Relationship to Yiddish Language and Culture

Keywords: careers; family; friends; German language; Germany; Jewish community; Jewish life; Michael Alpert; musician; parents; professionals; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish poetry; Yiddish songs; Yiddish translations

14:09 - Michael Lists Some of the Musicians He Works With

Keywords: Adrienne Cooper; Benjy Fox-Rosen; classical music; Daniel Kahn; hip-hop music; jazz music; Jewish music; klezmer band; klezmer group; klezmer music; Michael Winograd Trio; musical arrangement; musical influences; musical performance; musical trio; musician; Patrick Farrell; performer; recording music; Socalled band; writing music; Yiddish music

18:46 - Michael Discusses Going From Student to Teacher at KlezKamp

Keywords: Andy Statman; careers; Catskill Mountains; Catskills; Hankus Netsky; Jake Shulman-Ment; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; Kurt Bjorling; learning music; Matt Darriau; music composition; music student; music teachers; musical background; musical influences; New England Conservatory; professional life; Sid Beckerman; the Klezmatics

22:35 - Michael Explains His Connection with Yiddish Music and Poetry

Keywords: Anne Sexton; avant-garde klezmer; cultural connections; grandparents; great-grandparents; jazz music; Jewish culture; Jewish music; klezmer music; Mickey Katz; musical artists; musicians; Yiddish arts; Yiddish culture; Yiddish music; Yiddish poetry; Yiddish speakers; Yiddish translations

26:37 - Michael Remembers the Meaningful Musical Performances He Has Played and Witnessed

Keywords: Budowitz band; concerts; Dawson City Music Festival; Dawson City, Canada; Josh Horowitz; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; klezmer band; klezmer music; mentors; Merlin Shepherd; Montréal Baroque Festival; music performer; music teachers; music workshops; musical influences; musical performance; musical performances; musician; Reunion Island; Sid Beckerman; Socalled band; Yiddish music; Yiddish performance; Yukon

30:07 - Michael Describes the Reactions His Music Gets from People Around the World

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Ashkenaz Festival; Eastern Europe; Germany; grandparents; klezmer band; klezmer concerts; klezmer music; Krakow; Kraków, Poland; musician; nostalgia; older generations; political reactions; Yiddish music; Yiddish performances; Yiddish performers; Yiddish singing

35:11 - Why Michael Thinks Brooklyn is the Capital of Yiddish Music

Keywords: Boro Park; Borough Park, New York; Brooklyn, New York; Chasidic; Chasidim; Chasidism; Chassidic; Chassidim; Chassidism; Coney Island Avenue, New York; cultural diversity; Ditmas Park, New York; ethnic diversity; Hasidic; Hasidim; Hasidism; Hassidic; Hassidim; Hassidism; khasidizm; khsidish; linguistic diversity; Midwood, New York; multiculturalism; musicians; New York City; Orthodox Jewry; Yiddish capitals; Yiddish centers; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish speakers

37:14 - Michael Reflects on the Idea of a Klezmer Revival and Multigenerational Musical Spaces

Keywords: 1990s; Adrienne Cooper; Budowitz band; contemporary Yiddish culture; Cookie Segelstein; cultural revival; Frank London; German Goldenshteyn; Howie Leess; Israeli music; Israeli musicians; Josh Horowitz; klezmer music; klezmer revival; Michael Alpert; multigenerational; musical collaboration; musical improvisation; musician; Paul Pincus; Ray Musiker; Sid Beckerman; the Klezmatics; Yiddish music; Yiddish performer; Yiddish revival; Yiddish scene

41:33 - Yiddish Musical Performance and the Transmission of Yiddish Culture

Keywords: activism; activists; artists; Balkan music; cultural transmission; folk cultures; folk music; folk traditions; klezmer music; learning music; music scholars; music teachers; musical artists; musical performers; Roma music; Russian music; studying music; teacher; teaching; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish music

46:53 - Michael Describes the Changes in the Klezmer Scene Since His Childhood

Keywords: attitudes toward Yiddish; cultural trends; instrumentalists; Jewish culture; klezmer bands; klezmer music; klezmer scene; mainstream Jewish scene; Moldavian music; musical trends; musicians; neotraditional music; performers; renewed interest in Yiddish; Réunion Island; St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada; Yiddish demographic; Yiddish language; Yiddish marginality; Yiddish music; Yiddish scene; young people

52:22 - Michael Discusses Yiddish Heavy Metal Bands "Yiddish Princess" and "Gevolt"

Keywords: "Afn veg shteyt a boym (By the road stands a tree)""; "Tum balalaika (Play the balalaika)"; Adrienne Cooper; advice; aspiring artists; Avi Fox-Rosen; contemporary Yiddish culture; Dibbukim band; electric guitars; future generations; Gevolt band; hard rock; heavy metal band; heavy metal music; Israeli Yiddish culture; Itzik Gottesman; Metallica band; Nirvana band; Sarah Gordon; Swedish Yiddish culture; swing music; underground music; Yiddish alternative music; Yiddish folk music; Yiddish folk songs; Yiddish heavy metal; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish Princess band; Yiddish singers