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0:00 - Introduction 0:43 - Diana Describes Her Mother's Shtetl and Reads Some of Her Mother's Poetry

Keywords: Belarus; Edith Kaplan Bregman; education; family background; grandmother; Holocaust; immigration; midwife; migration; poems; poetry; pogroms; Russian language; shtetel; shtetl; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language; Yiddish poet

8:14 - Diana's Mother's Immigration to the United States

Keywords: America; Ellis Island; Europe; family history; immigration; migration; mother; New York City, New York; United States

9:00 - Diana's Mother's Involvement in the Yiddish Literary Community

Keywords: 1910s; 1920s; 1930s; Abraham Reisen; Aliza Greenblatt; Arlo Guthrie; artists retreat; Avrom Reyzen; bohemian; Brighton Beach; Camp Kinderwelt; Der Tog; labor Zionism; literary community; literature; poem; poetry; publishing; puppeteer; puppets; The Day; translation; Unser Camp; writing; Yiddish music; Yiddish writer; Zuni Maud

15:57 - Edith Kaplan Bregman's Political Leanings and Her Move to Palestine

Keywords: 1920s; David Ben Gurion; Hadassah; immigration; Israel; Jerusalem; migration; Palestine; water pipes; Yiddish Speaking Club of Manhattan; Zionism; zionist

19:47 - Diana's Parents' Return to Brooklyn and Their Support for the State of Israel

Keywords: 1939; Arbeter Farband; Bronx, New York; Brooklyn, New York; Haganah; immigration; Israel; labor Zionism; migration; Na'amat; Palestine; Pioneer Women; refrigeration plant; World War 2; World War II; World's Fair; WW2; WWII

22:30 - The Loss of Diana's Family in Europe and Her Understanding of World War II

Keywords: death; Europe; family; genealogy; Hebrew language; Holocaust; Israel; loss; political activism; rallies; travel; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language; Yizkor books

24:33 - Diana's Experience Studying at Hebrew University

Keywords: 1940s; Brooklyn College; education; Hebrew University; Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Jewish education; music; travel; Yiddish language; youth leader

32:03 - Jewish Culture in Diana's Childhood Home 33:55 - Diana Sings One of Her Mother's Poems 37:57 - Diana's Father's Integrity and Her Parents' Devotion to Her 41:12 - Edith Kaplan Bregman as a Role Model for Diana as a Parent 49:47 - Diana's Efforts to Transmit Jewish Culture to Her Children

Keywords: cultural transmission; Jewish culture; Jewish education; Jewish holidays; Jewish identity; religious school; teacher; teaching

52:34 - Diana on the Process of Publishing Her Mother's Work 57:14 - Edith Kaplan Bregman's Involvement with the Yiddish Book Center

Keywords: books; Brighton Beach; Edith Kaplan Bregman; education; literature; reader; reading; self-educated; Yiddish Book Center

62:12 - Edith Kaplan Bregman's Writing Habits and Her Independence 65:29 - Diana's Speaks About Her Life Today 68:30 - Diana's Appreciation for and Involvement in the Arts

Keywords: art; ballet; Camp Kinderwelt; creativity; dance; dancer; dancing; Jacob's Pillow; performance; radio; the Arts; theater; theatre

72:52 - Diana's Experience Teaching in the New York City Public Schools

Keywords: 1950s; Hebrew language; Hebrew school; Jewish education; Judaism; New York City public schools; New York City, New York; Reform Judaism; religious school; teacher; teaching

80:15 - Diana Reflects on Edith Kaplan Bregman's Legacy 84:22 - Diana Discusses Speaking Yiddish Today 85:13 - Diana's Advice to Younger Generations 87:28 - Diana Reads More of Edith Kaplan Bregman's Poetry