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0:00 - Introduction 0:41 - Eva's Family Background

Keywords: Berlin, Germany; brother; Clemens Kalischer; father; foster children; grandparents; Hamburg, Germany; massage therapist; masseuse; mother; Nazi Germany; parents; physiotherapist; prisons; psychoanalyst; psychologist; public schools; siblings; students; Swedish massage; teacher; World War 1; World War 2; World War I; World War II; WW1; WW2; WWI; WWII

3:13 - Eva's Memories of Germany as a Child

Keywords: "Displaced Persons"; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; brother; childhood; Clemens Kalischer; concentration camps; Dora-Mittelbau camp; Dora-Nordhausen camp; East Germany; GDR; German Democratic Republic; grandparents; Holocaust; Nordhausen camp; Nordhausen, Germany; photographer; Shoah; siblings; Thuringia, Germany

6:09 - Eva Remembers Her Grandparents

Keywords: cousins; father; grandfather; grandmother; grandparents; Great War; malnutrition; millionaires; mother; parents; singer; wealth; wool factories; World War 1; World War I; WW1; WWI

8:29 - Eva Describes Her Family's Escape From Germany

Keywords: "Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain)"; brother; Brownshirts; Clemens Kalischer; father; France; Germany; green card; mother; Nazis; parents; refugees; siblings; Switzerland; Thomas Mann; train station

16:13 - Eva Talks about Her Family's First Years in France

Keywords: "La Maternelle (Children of Montmartre)"; apartments; father; French language; German language; housemaid; intelligentsia; kindergarten; mother; parents; Paris, France; physical therapist; physical therapy; pneumonia; psychoanalyst; public school; refugees; restaurants; Russian Jews

23:11 - Eva's Childhood in Paris, France

Keywords: baby dolls; beaches; brother; children; Clemens Kalischer; daughters; dunce caps; father; French language; jaundice; Jewish summer camps; lycée; mother; music classes; painter; parents; Paris, France; public school; sanitorium; siblings; summer vacation; writer

30:18 - The Religious Upbringing of Eva's Parents

Keywords: "Mona Lisa"; bar mitzvah; bar-mitsve; Catholic church; Catholic prayers; Catholicism; father; French Algerians; grandfather; mother; Orthodox Judaism; parents; religious observance; secular Judaism

31:53 - More Memories From Eva's Childhood in France

Keywords: "Cyrano de Bergerac"; 1930s; Alps; books; brother; camping; cats; circuses; Clemens Kalischer; father; German refugees; Germans; hiking; measles; Mont Blanc, France; Mont Blanc, Italy; mother; music lessons; parents; Paris Psychoanalytic Society; Paris, France; parks; plays; Prince George of Greece and Denmark; Princess Eugénie of Greece and Denmark; Princess George of Greece and Denmark; Princess Marie Bonaparte; puppet shows; reading; siblings; socialism; socialists; summer camps; theater; theatre; writing; youth hostels

39:55 - Eva's Childhood Impressions of World War II

Keywords: arrested; Boy Scouts; Brittany, France; brother; camp counselors; camping; Clemens Kalischer; father; French Jews; German soldiers; Girl Scouts; Jewish holidays; Jewish observance; mother; Nazis; parents; Paris, France; prison; school; siblings; summer camps; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; yom tovim; yomim tobim; yomim tovim; yontef; yontev; yontoyvim

44:36 - Eva's Memories of Anti-Semitism in France

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Battle of France; Fall of France; French soldiers; German occupation; hospital; Jewish identity; Marshal Pétain; mother; nuns; Orthodox Jews; Paris, France; Philippe Pétain; refugees; school; teachers; tonsillectomy; Vichy France; war veterans; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

48:42 - Eva's Family is Reunited on a Farm in France

Keywords: brother; Clemens Kalischer; father; German soldiers; lycée; mother; Nazis; parents; prisoner; public school; rabbits; refugees; secondary school; siblings; tenant farmers; train station; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

54:04 - Eva's Family Escapes from France

Keywords: America; arrested; boat; brother; Clemens Kalischer; dog; embassy; father; freighter; French Army; French identity; Germany Army; Marseille, France; Marseilles; mother; Nazis; papers; parents; pet; police; refugees; school; ship; siblings; train; U.S.A.; United States; USA

59:27 - Eva's Family's Journey to America Via Casablanca, Morocco

Keywords: aunts; boat; Casablanca, Morocco; cousins; England; father; freighter; German Army; Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society; HIAS; Holland; hospital; mother; Nazis; Netherlands; parents; Princess George of Greece and Denmark; Princess Marie Bonaparte; ship; Spain; Sweden; U.K.; UK; uncles; United Kingdom; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

63:32 - Eva's Early Impressions of America

Keywords: art teacher; brother; Cherokee people; Clemens Kalischer; elementary school; English language; father; high school; junior high school; Latin language; Macy's; middle school; mother; Native Americans; parents; primary school; school; siblings; U.S.A.; United States of America; USA

67:30 - Eva's Family's Arrival in America

Keywords: "Constitution of the United States"; "Four Freedoms"; "Freedom from Fear"; "Freedom from Want"; "Freedom of Speech"; "Freedom of Worship"; "United States Bill of Rights"; Baltimore, Maryland; citizens; citizenship; communism; communists; F.B.I.; FBI; Federal Bureau of Investigation; mother; Norman Rockwell; parents; refugees; school; Spain; uncles

69:53 - Eva's Early Years in America

Keywords: art; B. Altman and Company; boyfriends; Brooklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois; college; examinations; exams; father; fire trucks; high school; house fire; junior high school; mathematics; middle school; mother; music; New York City; parents; sales; summer school; teachers; university; University of Chicago; Yiddish language

73:06 - Eva Talks about Her Husband and Family

Keywords: boyfriends; Chicago, Illinois; children; Dalai Lama; daughters; engineering; English language; father; husband; India; Indian classical dance; Jack Apfelbaum; marriage proposals; massage therapist; mother; Nigeria; Nigerian Civil War; parents; photographer; photography; teaching; Tibet; Tibetan language; U.N.; UN; United Nations

76:57 - Eva Talks about Her Art, Values, and Ethics

Keywords: "Inside Hana's Suitcase"; African Americans; American Indians; American politics; anti-war movement; art; Barack Obama; charitable donations; charity; children; Civil Rights; congregation; daughter; environmentalism; ethics; father; films; Holocaust; husband; Jack Apfelbaum; Jewish identity; Judaism; Laotian people; meditation; mother; movies; Native Americans; painter; parents; poetry; pottery; prejudice; refugees; schul; Shoah; shul; synagogue; temple; Unitarian Universalism; Unitarian Universalists; UU; World War 2; World War II; writer; WW2; WWII

84:51 - How Eva's Values Relate to Jewish Values

Keywords: father; India; Jewish identity; Jewish values; mother; parents; Switzerland

86:01 - Eva Considers Her American Identity

Keywords: American identity; children; consumerism; daughters; education; English language; father; French language; German dialects; German language; High German languages; husband; Italian language; Jack Apfelbaum; mother; multiculturalism; multilingualism; parents; professors; Schweizerdeutsch language; Spanish language; Swiss German language; Switzerland; teachers; Yiddish language

88:34 - Values Eva Wants to Pass On to Future Generations

Keywords: "Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben (Reverence for Life)"; Albert Schweitzer; Aldous Huxley; artists; Bread and Puppet Theater; children; curiosity; daughters; diversity; Eleanor Roosevelt; flowers; gardening; Glover, Vermont; puppetry; respect; social work; students; values

92:07 - Concluding Thoughts

Keywords: anti-nuclear movement; anti-war movement; boyfriend; ethics; French language; Leverett, Massachusetts; New England Peace Pagoda; Russian language; Shalom Aleichem; Shalom Rabinovitz; Sholem Aleichem; Sholem Aleykhem; Sholem Rabinovich; Sholem Rabinovitch; Sholem Rabinovitsh; Sholom Rabino; Yiddish language