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0:00 - Introduction 0:36 - Mei Li Talks about Her Adoption from China

Keywords: adoption; Chinese American International School; dialects; Mandarin Chinese language; orphanage; parents; San Francisco, California; Wuhan, China; Xiaogan, Wuhan

4:44 - Mei Li's Fluency in Chinese Today 6:07 - Mei Li's Trips to China During High School

Keywords: China; Chinese American International School; high school; Mandarin Chinese language; San Francisco, California; school trip; students; summer programs

7:43 - Mei Li's Experiences at the Chinese American International School in San Francisco

Keywords: art gallery; brothers; calligraphy; Chinese American International School; Chinese culture; Chinese identity; Chinese lion dances; Chinese New Year; civil engineer; father; friends; high school; homework; immersion school; junior high school; Mandarin Chinese language; Mendocino, California; middle school; mother; music; nephews; nieces; parents; retired; San Francisco, California; siblings

11:36 - How Mei Li's Family Celebrates Hanukkah and Pesach

Keywords: afikomen; Amherst, Massachusetts; Ashkenazic food; brothers; campus; cantor; Chanukah; chanukiah; chazan; chazzan; congregation; family; father; gefilte fish; Hampshire College; Hanukkah; hanukkiah; hazan; hazzan; Jewish food; Jewish observance; Judaism; khanike; khazn; latkes; Maccabees; matse; matzah; matzo; menorah; nephews; nieces; parents; Passover; Pesach; pesekh; Saga Dining Commons; schul; seders; shul; siblings; synagogue; temple

16:38 - Values Passed on to Mei Li by Her Parents 18:43 - Why Mei Li's Father Changed His Surname

Keywords: adoption; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; aunts; brothers; California; father; grandfather; grandmother; grandparents; name change; New York; Poland; Russia; stepbrothers; surname; uncles

20:45 - Mei Li's Jewish Identity

Keywords: "Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis)"; adoption; Amherst, Massachusetts; bar mitzvah; bar-mitsve; bas mitzvah; bas-mitsve; bat mitzvah; bath mitzvah; brothers; cantor; Chanukah; chazan; chazzan; Chinese-American identity; college; elementary school; Franz Kafka; Gregor Samsa; Hampshire College; Hanukkah; hazan; hazzan; high school; identity; Jewish community; Jewish history; Jewish holidays; Jewish identity; Jewish Studies department; khanike; khazn; lower school; minorities; Passover; person of color; Pesach; Peysekh; primary school; senior thesis; Sigmund Freud; Spanish language; stepbrothers; university; Yiddish language; yom tovim; yomim tobim; yomim tovim; yontef; yontev; yontoyvim

28:28 - The Relationship Between Mei Li's Jewish and Chinese Identities

Keywords: adoption; American identity; Amherst, Massachusetts; Chinese culture; Chinese identity; college; Hampshire College; high school; Jewish identity; San Francisco, California; university; Urban School of San Francisco; values

31:43 - Mei Li's Experiences with the Yiddish Book Center's January Term Intensive Course

Keywords: Amherst, Massachusetts; aunts; cousins; English language; father; German language; Hebrew language; January term intensive; Jewish culture; Jewish identity; Mandarin Chinese language; mother; parents; Springfield, Massachusetts; translation; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish songs; Yuri Vedenyapin

37:58 - How Language Has Influenced Mei Li's Sense of Identity

Keywords: Afro-Cuban dance; Amherst, Massachusetts; China; college; cousins; culture; English language; father; Hampshire College; Hebrew language; identity; Jewish history; Jewish identity; Judaism; language barriers; Mandarin Chinese language; Spanish language; stereotypes; university; Yiddish language

44:42 - Concluding Thoughts