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0:17 - Introduction 0:38 - Ghita's Family Background in Laukuva, Lithuania

Keywords: ancestry; celebrations; cousins; death; Eastern European Jews; economic class; family background; family history; family reunions; father; genocide; grandchildren; grandfather; grandmother; grandparents; Holocaust; Kaunas, Lithuania; Kovno Ghetto; Kovno, Lithuania; landowners; Laukuva, Lithuania; mass murder; mills; mother; nieces; Old Country; Old World; parents; relatives; shetels; shtetls; social class; villages; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

4:49 - Ghita's Mother's Journey to Bulawayo, Rhodesia (Modern-Day Zimbabwe)

Keywords: brothers; Bulawayo, Rhodesia; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; colleges; Eastern European Jews; economic opportunity; entrepreneurs; family background; family history; father; higher education; husband; immigrants; immigration; Jewish community; Jewish neighborhoods; Kaunas, Lithuania; Kovno, Lithuania; Laukuva, Lithuania; Litvak Jews; marriage; medical schools; military conscription; military drafts; mother; Passover; Pesach; peysekh; professionals; Rhodesia; Rosh Hashanah; rosheshone; salesmen; siblings; South African Jews; travel visas; wife; World War 1; World War 2; World War I; World War II; WW1; WW2; WWI; WWII

9:07 - Ghita Shares Her Mother's Memories of Life in Lithuania

Keywords: brothers; childhood memories; cold cellar; cousins; droshke; droshky; early education; Eastern European Jews; family history; family stories; farmers; farms; father; forests; gardens; genocide; grandmother; grandparents; gymnasium; Hebrew language; Holocaust survivors; Holocaust testimonials; horse carriages; Jewish holidays; Klaipėda, Lithuania; Lithuanian Jews; Lithuanian language; Lithuanian workers; mass murder; Memel, Lithuania; mills; mother; music lessons; pastoral scenes; relatives; religious education; religious observance; religious studies; rural life; Shavl, Lithuania; Šiauliai, Lithuania; siblings; Talmud; Tanakh; Torah; troika; tutors; Vilna, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania; women's education; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; yeshibah; yeshiva; yeshivah; yeshive; yom tovim; yomim tobim; yomim tovim; yontoyvim

17:59 - Ghita's Father's Rabbinical Family Background in Lithuania

Keywords: aunts; brothers; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; businessman; candy factories; children; cousins; cultural heritage; family background; family history; father; genocide; grandchildren; Holocaust; husband; immigrants; immigration sponsors; Jerusalem, Israel; Jewish businesses; Jewish identity; Lithuania; marriage; mass murder; orphanages; rabbinates; rabbinical heritage; rabbinical professions; rabbis; religious observance; Rhodesia; rosh yeshive; secular Judaism; siblings; sisters; South Africa; wife; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

23:10 - The History of Jewish Immigration to Bulawayo

Keywords: Berlin, Germany; British colonies; brothers; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; Cape Town, South Africa; cousins; Eastern European Jews; great-grandparents; immigrants; immigration; Jewish businesses; Jewish community; Kaunas, Lithuania; Kovno, Lithuania; Lithuanian Jews; Litvaks; London, United Kingdom; Marseille, France; railway stations; Rhodesia; schuls; shuls; siblings; synagogues; temples; train travel; Vilna, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania

27:56 - Ghita Describes Her Childhood Home in Bulawayo

Keywords: bicycles; brothers; chedars; cheders; chicken coops; childhood homes; childhood households; childhood memories; citizenship; Conservative Jews; exams; gardeners; gardens; Hebrew day schools; Hebrew language; heders; high schools; Jewish identity; Jewishness; kashres; kashrus; kashrut; kashruth; kheyders; kosher foods; Orthodox Jews; privilege; public schools; rabbis; religious education; religious observance; religious schools; schuls; shochets; shohets; shoykhets; shuls; siblings; synagogues; temples; traditional Jewish foods; whiteness

32:01 - Ghita's Relationships with Her Family's Household Staff

Keywords: birth; brothers; childhood caretakers; children; declaration of independence; economic class; economic privilege; factory owners; father; guerilla warfare; household staff; household workers; Ian Smith; Jewish community; Jewish families; living quarters; nannies; parents; political turmoil; siblings; social class; South Africa

35:48 - Bulawayo's Synagogue and Jewish Community Sites

Keywords: bar mitzvahs; bar-mitsves; Betar; Bnei Akiva; Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; camping; celebrations; chedars; cheders; English language; Habonim; Hebrew education; Hebrew schools; Hebrew teachers; heders; Israeli culture; Israeli songs; Jewish clubs; Jewish community; Jewish holidays; Jewish kindergarten; Jewish youth groups; Jewish youth movements; kheyders; old age homes; religious education; religious observance; Rhodesia; rituals; schuls; shorthand typing; shuls; synagogues; tabernacle community; temples; volunteer work; volunteering; wedding receptions; Yom HaShoah; Yom Ha’atzmaut; Zionism; Zionists

42:15 - Ghita Remembers Yiddish Language and Culture in the Home

Keywords: accents; Betar; English language; family; father; German language; Habonim; Hebrew language; Lithuanian language; mother; relatives; Russian language; Yiddish actors; Yiddish culture; Yiddish entertainment; Yiddish language; Yiddish performers; Yiddish plays; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre

44:21 - Ghita Discusses Her Political Awareness as a Child and Adult

Keywords: adolescence; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; citizenship; colleges; father; government politics; graduation; high schools; household staff; household workers; husband; Jewish politicians; marriage; mother; Northern Rhodesia; Nyasaland; parents; parliaments; political beliefs; political changes; political ideology; politics; prime ministers; racial segregation; racial separation; Roy Welensky; servants; South Africa; Southern Rhodesia; teenage years; universities; wife

50:06 - Ghita Reflects on Her Jewish Identity as an Adult

Keywords: adulthood; ancestry; cultural heritage; family heritage; family traditions; grandfather; grandparents; Jewish identity; Jewish values; Jewishness; rabbis; religious observance; spirituality

52:17 - Revisiting Family History while Traveling in Lithuania

Keywords: ancestry; Balkans; Baltics; cousins; Croatia; family heritage; family history; family memories; family stories; father; funicular; heritage sites; jahrzeit candles; Kaunas, Lithuania; Kovno, Lithuania; Laukuva, Lithuania; London, United Kingdom; medical schools; mother; relatives; Shavl, Lithuania; Šiauliai, Lithuania; Tauragė, Lithuania; Tavrig, Lithuania; tour guides; travel guides; traveling; Vilna, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania; yahrzeit candles; yortsayt candles

59:39 - Maintaining a Connection to Yiddish Language and Culture

Keywords: apikoyres; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; children; Copenhagen, Denmark; cultural connection; cultural heritage; Eastern European culture; English language; family heritage; family history; grandparents; Hebrew language; Jewish community; Jewish heritage; Jewish identity; Jewish values; Jewishness; mother; National Yiddish Book Center; parenting; Rhodesia; schuls; shuls; synagogues; traveling; Yiddish artifacts; Yiddish books; Yiddish culture; Yiddish history; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature; Yiddish phrases; Yiddish words; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt; “Pakn Treger”; “The History of Yiddish Civilization”

67:52 - Closing Remarks and Thoughts on Bulawayo