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0:17 - Introduction 0:35 - An Overview of Herb's Family Background and His Childhood

Keywords: "Der tog"; "Freiheit"; "The Day"; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Astoria, Queens; Belarus; Brooklyn, New York; candy stores; Catholics; Chasidic; Chassidic; children; cloakworkers; East New York, Brooklyn; elementary schools; English language; family history; father; garment industry; Hasidic; Hassidic; husband; immigrants; immigration; International Workers’ Order; Irish; Italians; IWO; Jewish culture; Jewish religion; labor movement; left-wing politics; magazines; marriage; mother; music education; newspapers; piano lessons; pogroms; prayers; praying; Protestants; public schools; publications; rabbis; religious observance; revolutionary politics; schul; secular identity; Shalom Aleichem; Sholem Aleichem; Sholem Aleykhem; shopkeepers; shul; shule; siblings; sister; social movements; socialism; socialist politics; Soviet Union; synagogues; Słonim, Poland; temples; Ukraine; violin lessons; White Russians; wife; workers' movement; Yiddish culture; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish press; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

8:39 - Jewish Cultural and Social Life in Astoria, Queens

Keywords: Astoria, Queens; bar mitzvah; bar-mitsve; celebrations; family; father; Jewish cultural life; Jewish holidays; Jewish religion; Lower East Side, New York; Maurice Schwartz; mother; neighborhoods; New York City; rituals; Rosh Hashanah; rosheshone; schul; shul; social life; spoken Yiddish; synagogues; temples; traditions; weddings; Yiddish community; Yiddish plays; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre; Yom Kippur

11:26 - Reading the Yiddish Press and Sending Yiddish Correspondence to Europe

Keywords: "Der tog"; "Freiheit"; "The Day"; bobe; correspondence; European Jews; eynikl; family history; grandmother; grandparents; grandson; International Workers' Order; IWO; Jewish community; Joseph Stalin; left-wing politics; letters; magazines; Medzhybizh, Ukraine; newspapers; Old Country; religious observance; revolutionary politics; Russian politics; Shalom Aleichem; Sholem Aleichem; Sholem Aleykhem; sister; V.L. Lenin; Yiddish community; Yiddish language; Yiddish press; Yiddish publications; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

15:10 - Herb's Memories of the IWO and His Early Education

Keywords: Astoria, Queens; Boris Thomashefsky; Catholics; childhood years; early education; ethnic identity; evening classes; illness; immigrants; immigration; International Workers' Order; Irish; Italians; IWO; Jewish identity; kindergarten; Michael Tilson Thomas; mother; neighborhoods; New York City; P.S. 122; Protestants; public schools; shule; sickness; subway; trains; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre

18:11 - Saving Money for Camp Kinderland during the Depression Years

Keywords: Academy Awards; actors; adolescence; Camp Kinderland; camp songs; economic recessions; English language; family business; father; film industry; Great Depression; Hollywood; left-wing politics; Muni Weisenfreund; Oscars; Paul Muni; poverty; Shalom Aleichem; Sholem Aleichem; Sholem Aleykhem; teenage years; teenagers; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish plays; Yiddish songs; Yiddish sumer camps; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

22:26 - Herb's Experience of Serving as a Policeman during WWII

Keywords: 4F; Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; all-boys schools; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Astoria, Queens; careers; Catholic churches; college; Communists; cops; disability; drafting; family expectations; Father Coughlin; German prisoners; higher education; illness; Jewish identity; limited service status; military drafts; military service; Nazis; Nazism; police officers; policemen; POWs; preachers; priests; prison guards; prisoners of war; professions; radio programs; Stuyvesant High School; U.S. Army; United States Army; US Army; wartime years; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

28:28 - Herb's Adult Jewish Life in the Postwar Years

Keywords: activism; activists; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; bat mitzvahs; bat-mitsves; brother; ceremonies; children; college; daughters; family expectations; father; higher education; husband; Jewish identity; Jewish organizations; Jewishness; marriage; military discharge; mother; Nazis; Nazism; prayers; praying; religion; religious observance; rituals; schul; secular Judaism; Sholem Aleichem shules; shul; siblings; sister; sons; synagogues; Talmud; Tanakh; temples; Torah; wife; Yiddishists; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

33:50 - Reflecting on Yiddish Language and Nationalism in the Israeli Context

Keywords: bar mitzvahs; bar-mitsves; bat mitzvahs; bat-mitsves; ceremonies; college; cultural nationalism; grandchildren; grandkids; Hebrew language; higher education; Israel; Israeli politics; Jewish homeland; Jewish values; linguistic nationalism; Moshe Dayan; national language; political ideology; prayers; praying; prejudice; rituals; schul; shul; spoken Yiddish; synagogues; temples; US Army; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish life; Yiddish literature; Yiddish music; Yiddish songs; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

38:42 - Herb Remembers His Father, A "Tough Guy," Fighting for His Beliefs

Keywords: "Daily Worker"; "Freiheit"; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; disability; family history; father; Father Coughlin; garment workers; illness; labor movement; left-wing politics; mother; newspapers; physical violence; picket lines; political ideology; shopkeepers; sickness; sister; son; specialty stores; union strikes

40:58 - Herb's Involvement with Progressive Politics

Keywords: activism; activists; American Labor Party; anti-communism; basketball teams; campus politics; elections; Henry Wallace; House Un-American Activities Committee; HUAC; Israel; Jewish politics; Jewish values; Joseph McCarthy; left-wing politics; leftism; McCarthyism; Norman Forer; organizers; Palestine; political organizing; presidential campaigns; Progressive Party; progressive politics; Queens College; radicalism; Red Scare; student body; Vito Marcantonio; voters; voting; workers’ rights; Yankee Stadium; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

46:20 - Working as an Attorney for the City of New York

Keywords: attorneys; child abuse; children; City of New York; class actions; college; court actions; disability; doctors; domestic violence; factory workers; family; higher education; husband; illness; lawsuits; lawyers; legal professions; legal representation; marriage; medical professions; municipal law; prosecution; prosecutors; shopkeepers; sickness; wife

48:48 - Herb Reflects on Being A New Yorker for Life

Keywords: garment district; garment industry; gentrification; husband; Kingsbridge, Bronx; Lower East Side, Manhattan; New York City; New Yorkers; Paris, France; pushcarts; retirement; Riverdale, Bronx; second marriages; street vendors; urban development; wife

51:46 - Herb's Jewish Values and Community Involvement as An Adult

Keywords: "Forverts"; "Forward"; "Jewish Daily Forward"; "Yiddish Daily Forward"; B’nai B’rith; donations; Jewish community; Jewish culture; Jewish life; Jewish organizations; Jewish values; social justice; social movements; volunteering; volunteers; women's organizations; women's rights; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

55:17 - Herb's Disgust with Contemporary US Politics

Keywords: America; Barack Obama; birth control; conservatism; fascism; fascists; liberalism; national politics; political ideology; presidential candidates; presidential elections; reproductive rights; Tea Party; U.S.; United States; US; women's rights

57:56 - Advice for Future Generations

Keywords: activism; activists; advice; anti-Semites; anti-Semitism; antisemites; antisemitism; arrests; attorneys; City College; court convictions; eytse; family legacy; generations; grandchildren; grandkids; Jewish values; Knickerbocker-Davis; lawyers; police violence; protests; social justice; Supreme Court

61:07 - Herb's Recollections on Paul Robeson and the Peekskill Riots

Keywords: 1950s; 1960s; African Americans; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Astoria, Queens; attorneys; Columbia Law School; daughter; economic recessions; family; fighting; Great Depression; husband; Joseph McCarthy; law school; lawyers; machine guns; marriage; McCarthyism; National Guard; Oliver Sutton; Paul Robeson; Peekskill, New York; physical violence; police forces; police violence; policemen; protesting; protests; racism; Red Scare; rioting; riots; wife; World War 1; World War 2; World War I; World War II; WW1; WW2; WWI; WWII; Yiddishists