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0:00 - Introduction 0:39 - Joshua Discusses His Lack of Knowledge on His Family Background

Keywords: 1930s; Ashkenazi Jews; Canada; family background; family history; genealogy; grandparents; heritage; Pale of Settlement; Poland; roots

2:50 - The Jewishness of Joshua's Childhood Home and Community

Keywords: Canadian Jews; childhood; Jewish background; Jewish community; Jewish day schools; Jewish education; Jewish identity; Judaism; North York, Toronto; siblings; summer camps; Toronto, Canada; Young Judea

6:13 - Joshua's Parents' Involvement in Jewish Organizational Life 7:10 - Joshua Discusses His Jewish and General Education

Keywords: adolescence; Canada; Canadian identity; creative writing; general education; Harvard University; high school; Jewish day school; Jewish education; Jewish studies; social life; teenage years; undergraduate education; writers

12:09 - Joshua's Graduate Education and Work Experience

Keywords: Columbia University; creative writing; doctorate degree; graduate school; Jewish literature; jobs; MFA; Ph.D.; PhD; University of Michigan

13:32 - Joshua Reflects on How Jewish Topics Were Taught in Jewish Day School 15:35 - Joshua's Thoughts on the Literature He Was Exposed to in High School

Keywords: adolescence; Barbara Kingsolver; Cynthia Ozick; education; Jewish day school; Margaret Lawrence; modern literature; Mordecai Richler; teenage years

17:40 - The Impact of Literature on Identity Formation

Keywords: adolescence; education; Great Jewish Books; high school students; Jewish identity; Jewish literature; teenage years; Yiddish Book Center

21:20 - Joshua Describes His Academic Mentors and Their Impact

Keywords: academia; Anita Norich; Deborah Dash Moore; Jonathan Friedman; mentorship; pedagogical approaches; pedagogy; professors; Ruth Wisse; scholars; students; teachers; University of Michigan; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning

30:55 - Joshua's Experience Learning Yiddish at the YIVO Summer Program

Keywords: 2000s; graduate school; Uriel Weinreich Yiddish Summer Program; Vera Szabo; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

37:52 - Joshua's Academic Identity as an Americanist

Keywords: academia; academics; Adele Wiseman; American literature; American publishing; American studies; Americanist; Canadian literature; literary studies; North America; scholarship

41:31 - The Relationship Between Joshua's Public and Academic Work

Keywords: academia; academics; literary scholarship; literary studies; literature; professors; public speaking; scholars; writing

45:37 - The Challenges and Delights of Teaching at the University Level

Keywords: American Jewish culture; comics; Holocaust literature; literature; popular culture; postmodernism; professors; students; teachers; teaching; Yiddish culture

51:21 - Joshua on How Teaching Relates to the Project of Cultural Transmission 54:55 - The Place of Yiddish in Comparative Literature Projects Across Academia 58:23 - Joshua's Thoughts on the Concept of a "Yiddish Revival" 60:40 - Joshua Discusses His Favorite Yiddish Word 62:47 - Joshua's Advice for Students of Yiddish