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0:17 - Introduction 0:44 - Troim Describes Her Childhood

Keywords: arranged marriage; author; B.Z. Goldberg; childhood; daughter; Der Tog; divorce; English language; family; father; grandparents; Los Angeles, California; Lubavitch; Lubavitcher; marriage; Menke Katz; mother; Passaic, New Jersey; relationships; writing; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature; Yiddish writer

6:04 - Troim's Grandparents' Lives in Europe

Keywords: Belarus; Belorus; Bialorus; Eastern Europe; family background; heritage; roots; Vil'na; Vilna; Vilnius, Lithuania; Wilno, Poland; Yiddish language

7:03 - Troim's Yiddish and Jewish Education, and Her Work for the Jewish People's Fraternal Order

Keywords: Gedalia Sandler; granddaughter; grandparents; Hebrew language; International Workers' Order; IWO; Jewish education; Jewish People's Fraternal Order; JPFO; New York University; NYU; religious school; shorthand; Yiddish education; Yiddish grammar; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish secretary; Yiddish writer

11:22 - Teaching Yiddish on Long Island

Keywords: Holocaust; International Workers Order; IWO; Jewish history; Jewish People's Fraternal Order; JPFO; Long Island, New York; McCarthy era; McCarthyism; shule; teacher; teaching; Yiddish language; Yiddish school; Yiddish teacher

13:04 - Learning Yiddish at Columbia University in the 1950s

Keywords: 1950s; Columbia University; Hebrew language; Marvin Herzog; Mikhl Herzog; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish program

14:45 - Reconnecting with Menke Katz, Teaching English, and Returning to Yiddish in Retirement

Keywords: 1980s; Arbeter Ring; daughter; English teacher; English teaching; father; Itsye Mordkhe Schaechter; Menke Katz; Mordechai Schechter; Moti Shechter; New York City, New York; retirement; Workmen's Circle

18:10 - Menke's Efforts to Teach His Son Yiddish and Hebrew, His Arrest in Israel for Speaking Yiddish, and His Return to the United States

Keywords: America; anti-Yiddish; Dovid Katz; Hebrew language; Israel; Menke Katz; Safed; Tzfat; United States; Yiddish language; Yiddish speaker; Yidish teacher

21:58 - Troim's Experience Writing Yiddish Poetry after Menke Katz's Death 23:25 - Troim's Involvement with Yiddishist Groups

Keywords: Elie Wiesel; German language; Hebrew language; I.B. Singer; I.J. Singer; Isaac Bashevis Singer; Israel Joshua Singer; Itche Goldberg; Itzhak Goldberg; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish teaching; Yiddishism; Yiddishist

28:54 - Troim's Memories of Her Mother and Grandmother 30:49 - Religious Observance in Troim's Grandparents' Home

Keywords: bar mitzvah; barmitsve; basmitsve; bat mitzvah; frum; Haredi Judaism; Jewish holidays; Lubavitch; Reconstructionist Judaism; religion; religious observance; shul; synagogue; ultra-Orthodox Judaism; yom tob; yom tobim; yom tov; yom tovim; yomim tovim; yontoyvim

33:20 - Troim Describes Her Childhood Home and Her family's Immigration from Eastern Europe to the United States

Keywords: 1910s; anti-Semitism; Bolshevic Revolution; childhood home; communism; communists; Dovid Katz; Eastern Europe; ethnicity; grandparents; immigration; Jewish community; migration; New York City, New York; Passaic, New Jersey; pogroms; Purim; Russian Revolution; segregation; shul; syngagogue; World War 1; World War I; WW1; WWI; Yiddishkayt

38:10 - Navigating Different Levels of Religious Observance in Troim's Childhood Home

Keywords: childhood home; International Workers Order; IWO; Jewish People's Fraternal Order; JPFO; Menke Katz; politics; religion; religious belief; religious observance; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish writers

39:27 - Growing Up with Menke Katz's Weekly Lectures 41:42 - Troim Describes Menke Katz's Physical Appearance and Personality

Keywords: bachelor; Ethics of the Fathers; grandfather; Menke Katz; Pirkei Avot; Shir HaShirim; Song of Songs; translation; writing; Yiddish writer

45:55 - Chaske Blacker's Difficult Life, Her Elopement with Menke Katz, and the Story Behind Troim's Name 48:15 - Troim Discusses Her Closeness with Dovid Katz and His Lifelong Devotion to Yiddish 54:20 - Troim's Relationship with Her Husband and Her Memories of Their Correspondence during the War 56:26 - Troim Describes Creating a Jewish Gome 57:59 - Troim Describes Both Her and Her Father's Writing Styles 60:00 - Working with Itche Goldberg and Various Yiddish Writers

Keywords: communism; communist; International Workers Order; Itche Goldberg; IWO; McCarthyism; Menke Katz; Morgn Freiheit; Morgn-Frayhayt; New York City, New York; The Morgen Freiheit; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw, Poland; Warszawa; writing; Yiddish grammar; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish newspaper; Yiddish shorthand; Yiddish writer

69:40 - More on Troim's Reconnection with Menke Katz and His Influence on Her

Keywords: daughter; Dovid Katz; erotic poetry; family stories; family traditions; father; Kabbalah; Menke Katz; poet; writer; writing; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish poetry

76:32 - Troim on Her Other Translation Projects 81:09 - Troim's Poetry as a Feminist Statement 82:24 - The Changes in Yiddish Language and Culture Throughout the Years

Keywords: Chasidism; Chassidism; future of Yiddish; Haredi Judaism; Hasidism; Hassidism; khasidish; khasidizm; khsidish; khsidizm; Satmar Hasidim; transmission; ultra-Orthodox Judaism; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddishists

85:26 - Troim's Involvement with Yiddish Literature Today, and Her Thoughts on Sholem Asch 88:47 - Studying Yiddish at Oxford University 92:53 - The Role of Yiddish in Troim's Sense of Identity 95:44 - Troim's Advice for Future Generations 96:43 - Troim Shares Family Photographs, Books, and Cassette Tapes 99:56 - Troim Reads One of Her Poems