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0:17 - Introduction 0:42 - Marcin's Polish Family Origins 1:51 - Multiculturalism in Marcin's Childhood Neighborhood 3:42 - Negative Relations Between Poles and Minorities in Swidnica 5:38 - Marcin's Introduction to Jewish Culture in University

Keywords: academia; education; esoteric literature; Jerzy Woronczak; Jewish culture; Jewish languages; Jewish mysticism; Jewish studies; Kabbalah; structuralism; University of Wroclaw; University of Wrocław

8:46 - Studying Jewish History in Poland as a Form of Cultural Archaeology

Keywords: 1970s; academia; communism; communist regime; cultural archaeology; Isaac Bashevis Singer; Jewish cemeteries; Jewish cemetery; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Jewish studies; Nobel Prize; Polish history; research

12:52 - Studying Jewish Languages

Keywords: 1990s; English language; Hebrew language; Hebrew learning; Jerusalem, Israel; Jewish languages; Kibbutz Ein Dor; modern Hebrew language; Russian language; traditional philology; Ulpan; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning

16:07 - People's Reactions to Marcin's Interest in Jewish Culture and History 19:06 - The Importance of Fiddler on the Roof in Poland 20:33 - Marcin's Interest in Hasidism

Keywords: academia; cemeteries; cemetery; graves; Haredi Judaism; Hasidism; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Jewish mysticism; Jewish society; Jewish studies; khasidizm; khsidizm; research; tsadek; tsadikim; tzaddik; tzaddikim; ultra-Orthodox Judaism; zaddik; zaddikim

21:50 - Marcin's Involvement in the Underground Anti-Communist Movement in the 1980s and the Effect of Polish Independence on Academia and Political Discussion After 1989 24:29 - Religion in Marcin's Life and the Connection Between His Academic Work and Personal Life 25:27 - Mentors in Marcin's Academic Career 27:30 - Marcin's First Impressions of Israel 28:43 - The Delights and Challenges of Teaching Jewish Topics in Poland 32:42 - Marcin's Involvement with the Polish Association of Jewish Studies 33:53 - The Role of Female Scholars in Jewish and Yiddish Studies

Keywords: exclusion; female scholars; feminism; feminist; Hebrew language; Jewish studies; marginalization; persecution; sexism; women; women scholars; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish studies; Yiddishism; Yiddishist

36:20 - The Relationship between Academia and Identity Formation

Keywords: academia; Catholic identity; education; heritage; identity formation; Jewish identity; Jewish origins; Polish history; Polish identity; Polish Jewish history; roots; transmission

41:41 - The Developments in the Field of Jewish Studies, From the Beginning of Marcin's Academic Career to Today 43:06 - The Place of Yiddish in Jewish Studies 44:50 - The Role of Academia in the Transmission of Culture and Marcin's Personal Mission as a Scholar and Professor 47:12 - Marcin's Involvement in the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw

Keywords: 19th century; education; historian; historical narrative; history; Jewish Polish relations; Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw; Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich; national narrative; POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews; Polish history; Polish Jewish history; Polish Jewish relations; politics; social relations; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw, Poland; Warszawa

53:16 - The Successes of Marcin's Students 57:40 - Outside Perceptions of Jewish Studies in Poland 59:39 - Closing Thoughts