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0:17 - Introduction 0:40 - Raphael's Family Background and Jewish Heritage

Keywords: 1970s; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; divorce; Frankfurt, Germany; heritage; Jewish identity; Jewish roots; refugee; shtetel; shtetl; Tatar; Uzbekistan; Yiddish language

3:23 - The Effects of World War II on Raphael's Father, and Raphael's Relationship with His Father

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; cards; father; gambling; Germany; Holocaust survivor; Holocaust victim; Jewish culture; Jewish identity; murder; Nazis; Poland; schul; shtetel; shtetl; shul; son; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language

9:08 - The Adventures of Raphael's Childhood in Germany and His Memories of Growing Up within a Community of Holocaust Survivors

Keywords: Auschwitz; brothel; concentration camp; depression; gambler; gambling; Germany; Israel; Jewish identity; Josef Mengele; mafia; Mossad; Poland; refugees; resistance; Russia; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

21:27 - The Influence of Raphael's Childhood on His Music and Sense of Identity

Keywords: childhood; Germany; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Jewish identity; music; musician; open-minded; Poland

26:05 - Raphael's Parents' Separate Moves to Germany in 1968, Their Courtship, and His Family's Staunch Rejection of Victim Mentality

Keywords: 1960s; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Frankfurt, Germany; heritage; history; immigration; love; March 1968; marriage; migration; Poland; Polish political crisis; refugees; relationship; roots; victim mentality

29:38 - Raphael's Experience of Moving to Poland as a Child

Keywords: commune; communism; communist; family; forest; immigration; migration; Podkowa Leśna, Poland

32:28 - The Echoes of War that Permeated Raphael's Childhood Experiences in Poland

Keywords: anti-German sentiment; childhood; concentration camp; death; forest; Germanophobia; heritage; Holocaust; Jewish background; Jewish roots; loss; nature; Podkowa Leśna, Poland; transcendentalism; trauma; war; Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

38:56 - Growing Up with Art, and Raphael's First Encounters with Music

Keywords: art; childhood; Greek music; guitar; high school; Jewish music; Johnny Lee Hooker; music; rebetika; rebetiko; Roma music; sculpture; The Doors

40:48 - The History of Mythology and Pagan Traditions in Sejny, Poland

Keywords: forest; Lithuania; magic; mythology; pagan traditions; paganism; Sejny, Poland; tradition

43:52 - Raphael's Relationship to Yiddish and His Use of the Language in His Music

Keywords: activism; cantorial singing; chazanut; chazanuth; chazzanut; chazzanuth; hazanut; hazanuth; hazzanut; hazzanuth; heritage; homogeneity; Jewish identity; Jewish music; Jewish roots; minority culture; music; musician; Poland; synagogal synging; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish reading

47:48 - The Origin of Alte Zachen's Name

Keywords: Alte Zachen; band; Jewish music; music; musician; niggun; niggunim; nign; nigun; Tel Aviv, Israel; Yiddish language; Yiddish music

48:55 - Raphael's Informal Musical Education and His Thoughts on Klezmer

Keywords: American klezmer music; Ashkenazi music; Frank London; jazz; Jewish music; musical training; musician; Naftule Brandwein; Poland; travel; Yiddish music

51:11 - Drawing Musical Inspiration from Traveling, Landscapes, and Old Jewish Buildings

Keywords: alef-beys; communism; Hebrew alphabet; Hebrew letters; inspiration; Jewish history; Jewish traditions; landscape; music; musician; Poland; Polish geography; Polish history; Polish landscape; shtetl; shul; synagogue; travel; warehouse

55:58 - The Sense of Longing that Informs Raphael's Music

Keywords: Czeslaw Milosz; ethnomusicology; field recordings; heritage; history; literature; longing; music; musician; post-war Poland; research; roots; Salto; transmission; travel; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

59:34 - Raphael's Experience of Living in Israel for Two Years

Keywords: Austria; child; father; identity; immigration; Imre Kertesz; love; migration; parenthood; passport; relationships; religion; secular; secularism; separation; son; synagogue; Tel Aviv, Israel; travel

64:35 - Raphael's Perspective on the Idea of Cultural Revival

Keywords: cultural revival; heritage; homogeneity; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Jewish identity; minorities; minority cultures; roots; survivor; transmission

68:01 - The Risk of Cultural Appropriation at Music Festivals, and Raphael's Efforts to Play Jewish Music in Marginal Places

Keywords: borders; cultural appropriation; fetishization; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Jewish identity; Judeophilia; Marc Chagall; marginalization; marketing; music festival; musician; outsiders; philo-Semitism

76:07 - The Role of Artists in Cultural Transmission

Keywords: art; artist; cultural transmission; Inuit mythology; music; musician

79:17 - Raphael's Jewish Activism through Music

Keywords: activism; activist; Jewish culture; Jewish history; music; musician

81:24 - Exploring Identity by Collecting Music and Stories, and the Nomadic Life of a Musician

Keywords: borders; folklore; identity; longing; music; musician; nomad; nomadic lifestyle; research; stories; storytelling; travel; traveling

84:45 - Discovering Nigunim and Cantorial Music

Keywords: 1960s; cantorial music; Cracow; jazz music; Krako; Kraków, Poland; Krakow, Poland; musician; niggun; niggunim; nign; nigun; nigunim; religion

87:15 - Raphael Plays Guitar 90:16 - Representing and Perpetuating Jewish Culture in Poland

Keywords: cultural continuation; cultural transmission; heritage; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Poland; roots; segregation; transience of culture

96:19 - Raphael's Experience of Traveling and Performing

Keywords: ethnomusicology; Israel; music; musician; performer; performing arts; travel

100:17 - Raphael's Nomadic Identity

Keywords: identity; Jewish identity; Natufian culture; nomad; nomadic identity; Polish identity

102:29 - The Place of Yiddish Language Today

Keywords: Chasidic; Chassidic; dying languages; endangered languages; Frankfurt, Germany; Haredi Judaism; Hasidic Judaism; Hasidism; Hassidic; khasidizm; khsidizm; ultra-Orthodox Judaism; Yiddish language

105:11 - Raphael's Advice for Future Generations 107:58 - Raphael Plays His "Jewish Music Box"