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0:17 - Introduction 0:38 - Sylvia's Happy Childhood in Harlem, New York City

Keywords: Carnegie Hall; childhood; childhood illness; Ellis Island; father; garment industry; Harlem, New York City; home birth; immigrants; immigration; Lower Manhattan; Metropolitan Opera; mother; music; opera; Queens, New York; tailors

8:23 - The Role of Music in Sylvia's Childhood Home

Keywords: Benny Goodman; Beverly Sills; classical music; family; father; Gene Krupa; home; jazz; Leonard Bernstein; Metropolitan Opera; mother; music; New York Philharmonic; opera; parents; radio; Serge Koussevitzky; siblings

19:57 - Sylvia Reflects on the Impact of Her Parents' Core Values 24:35 - Sylvia's Religious Upbringing and Memories of Jewish Holidays 28:36 - Living Independently in New York Before Marriage 31:45 - How Sylvia Met Her Husband, Manny 38:46 - Sylvia Fondly Remembers Her Wedding at Temple Emanu-El

Keywords: engagement; fashion design; father; garment industry; husband; in-laws; marriage; mother; mother-in-law; New York City; relationship; Temple Emanu-El; Upper East Side; wedding; wife

42:43 - Sylvia Reflects on Ice Skating, Illness, and Life's Everyday Challenges

Keywords: children; college; contagion; dating; high school; husband; ice skating; in-laws; infantile paralysis; marriage; mother-in-law; quarantine; relationship; siblings; sister; speed-skating; wife; winter sports

49:58 - Balancing the Responsibilities of Work and Motherhood 54:41 - Living in Westchester County, New York, and Growing Older with Family

Keywords: caretaker; caretaking; daughter; daughter-in-law; family; hobby; home; Larchmont, New York; Mamaroneck, New York; New Rochelle, New York; New York State; reading; son; Westchester County; White Plains, New York

57:39 - Sylvia Offers Words of Wisdom for Future Generations

Keywords: advice; Amherst, Massachusetts; family; family business; grandchildren; granddaughter; husband; in-laws; kindness; life; New York City; philosophy; Sandra Day O'Connor; son; son-in-law; wisdom; women

63:23 - Sylvia Speaks About Her Children's Family Business and Her Granddaughter

Keywords: Amherst, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; bakery; children; daughter; family business; grandchildren; granddaughter; Henion Bakery; in-laws; son; son-in-law

65:41 - "Tell People Their Worth": Sylvia's Philosophy on Life 71:54 - Closing Remarks and Final Anecdotes