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0:17 - Introduction 0:50 - Peter's Family Background in Russia and Ukraine (in Yiddish)

Keywords: Cheremkhovo, Russia; English language; family background; family history; Lake Baikal; Siberia; store owner; storekeeper; Ukraine; Yiddish language

2:08 - Family History on Peter's Maternal Side 2:30 - Peter Describes His Family's Rag Business in New York 3:02 - Family Stories from the Old Country

Keywords: bar mitzvah; Eastern Europe; Eastern Parkway; family history; kosher butcher; Metropolitan News Delivery; mohel; moyel; New York City, New York; shochet; shohet; shoykhet; Yiddish newspaper

7:21 - Peter's Father's Education and Path to Becoming a Piano Teacher

Keywords: Alan Jay Lerner; Bob Keeshan; Brooklyn, New York; Buddy Strouse; Captain Kangaroo; chemical engineering; Columbia University; Cornell University; Leona Helmsley; music teacher; musician; New York City; pianist; piano; piano player; piano teacher; ragtime

10:11 - Peter Discusses His Parents' Early Relationship 10:29 - Peter's Mother's Childhood in the Bronx, Her First Marriage, and the Founding of a Family 11:49 - Growing Up in Crown Heights in the 1940s 13:46 - Peter's Path to Becoming a Musician

Keywords: Abraham Lincoln; Benny Goodman; Brooklyn Technical High School; clarinet; classical music; Crown Heights, New York; Earl Hines; engineering; Fats Waller; George Gershwin; harmonica; high school; librarian; musician; piano; Teddy Wilson

16:03 - Peter Discusses "Armchair Communism" and His Political Upbringing 17:11 - Peter's Family's Relationship to Judaism, from Going to Ballgames on Yom Kippur to Hebrew School in a Lubavitch Synagogue

Keywords: Ashkenazi Judaism; assimilation; bar mitzvah; baseball; first-generation American; Hanukkah; Hebrew; Hebrew school; Jewish identity; Jewishness; khanike; Lubavitch; Nusach Ari; Passover; Pesach; peysekh; prayer; religion; schul; seder; Sephardi Judaism; Shabbat; Shabbos; shabes; shul; synagogue; Yom Kippur

20:49 - Growing Up with Yiddish and Learning It in the Catskills as a Teenage Musician

Keywords: adolescence; Brooklyn, New York; Catskills; German language; musician; New York City; Poland; Polish; Russia; Russian language; Ukraine; Williamsburg; Yiddish language

23:03 - Peter Describes Listening to His Father Playing Gershwin on the Piano, and the Beginnings of Peter's Musical Education

Keywords: 1930s; Domenico Scarlatti; Frederic Chopin; George Gershwin; Johann Sebastian Bach; musical education; musician; pianist; piano player; records; swing music

24:24 - Family Tension around Peter's Decision to Become a Musician

Keywords: Benny Goodman; bicycle; Bix Beiderbecke; clarinet; Duke Ellington; Fats Waller; Hebrew; James P. Johnson; King Oliver; Louis Armstrong; math teacher; music; musician; phonograph; pianist; piano player; piano teacher; saxophone; swing music

28:48 - Peter Recalls His First Gig, in December 1956 30:11 - The Emergence of Rock and Roll 31:09 - Learning Tunes by Listening to Records 32:41 - Peter Describes "Club Date" Shows 33:59 - American Songs Played at Club Dates, and Picking up Jewish Music in the Catskills

Keywords: 1950s; accordion; Catskill Mountains; Catskills; Frank Sinatra; Hungarian music; Jewish music; My Fair Lady; piano; Polish music; saxophone; showtunes; Tony Benett; trumpet

39:33 - Description of the Catskill Mountains 40:37 - Playing Jewish Music in the Catskills

Keywords: accordion; bass; bungalow colony; Catskill Mountains; Catskills; dance; dancing; Epstein brothers; Isidore Epstein; Jewish music; klezmer; piano; trumpet; Yiddish music

44:16 - Learning Israeli Music and Bulgars and Playing Music with Dave Tarras 46:47 - Peter's Experience of Jewish Music and Yiddish Language, Celebrities, and Politics in the Catskills

Keywords: Catskill Mountains; Catskills; Chi Epstein; comedy; Fyvush Finkel; German language; jazz; Jenny Goldstein; klezmer; Molly Picon; music; musician; Seymour Rexite; violin; Yiddish language

50:41 - Peter's Musical Mentors and His Exploration of Different Musical Genres

Keywords: 1970s; bebop; bulgar; Chi Epstein; clarinet; Dave Tarras; Dixieland; electric keyboard; Epstein brothers; Fats Waller; freylekh; Hasidic music; Isidore Epstein; jazz; Jewish music; Julius Epstein; keyboard; klezmer; Max Epstein; mentor; music; musician; piano; Rudy Tepel; saxophone; Sidney Beckerman; swing; Willie Epstein; Yiddish music

59:39 - Peter Describes Playing Hasidic Shows 60:45 - Learning How to Sightread and Write Music 61:28 - Navigating Two Parallel Musical Careers 62:37 - Traveling to Europe with a College Dixieland Band

Keywords: 1950s; American Army; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Berlin; Dixieland; Europe; German language; Germany; Holland; musical tour; Russia; travel; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

65:43 - Memories of World War II and Learning about the Holocaust 67:19 - The Rise of Israeli Music and the Gradual Loss of Interest in Yiddish and Yiddish Music 69:52 - Learning Klezmer Music with Older Jewish Musicians 71:51 - Peter Shares Stories from Jewish Gigs

Keywords: bar mitzvah; bar-mitsve; Epstein brothers; Europe; false teeth; French waltz; jazz; klezmer; landsmanshaft; Long Island, New York; Lynbrook, New York; Manhattan, New York; monkey; trumpet; Willie Epstein

81:38 - Peter Discusses the Beginnings of the Klezmer Revival in the 1970s and the Origins of KlezKamp

Keywords: 1970s; clarinet; Dave Tarras; Dixieland; Epstein brothers; Hankus Netsky; Henry Sapoznik; Howie Leess; Julius Epstein; Kapelye; keyboard; KlezKamp; klezmer; Lester Lanin; Naftali Brandwein; Naftali Chaim Brandwein; Naftule Brandwein; Paul Pincus; Sidney Beckerman

88:08 - Changes in the Jewish Music Scene in the 1970s and 1980s

Keywords: 1970s; 1980s; Andy Statman; Frank London; Howie Leess; jazz; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; klezmer; klezmer revival; Naftali Brandwein; Naftali Chaim Brandwein; Naftule Brandwein; rock and roll; Sidney Beckerman; Yiddish language

90:52 - The Joy of Teaching Music 92:33 - Peter Shares His Thoughts about the Klezmer Revival

Keywords: 1970s; 1980s; assimilation; Chasidic music; Chasidim; Chasidism; Chassidic music; Chassidim; Chassidism; Hasidic music; Hasidim; Hasidism; Hassidic music; Hassidim; Hassidism; Holocaust; Israeli music; Jewish music; klezmer; klezmer revival; rock and roll; Sammy Musiker; secular; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish music

100:37 - Musicians that Peter Admires in Today's Klezmer World 102:36 - Mentoring Young Klezmer Artists and People's Lack of Interest in Authentic Jewish Music 106:31 - Differences between the Hasidic and Klezmer Music Scenes

Keywords: Avraham Fried; Chasidic music; Chasidism; Chassidic music; Chassidism; clarinet; Hasidic music; Hasidism; Hassidic music; Hassidism; klezmer music; Orthodox Judaism; pop

111:42 - Klezmer Activism 113:21 - Peter Discusses the Relationship Between Klezmer and the Transmission of Yiddish Culture

Keywords: cultural transmission; Jewish culture; Jewish music; klezmer; music; musician; pop; rock and roll; Yiddish; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish transmission

117:25 - Playing Classic Jazz and Klezmer Music 118:27 - Peter's Relationship with His Wife, Creating a Jewish Home, and Transition to Orthodoxy

Keywords: Adrienne Cooper; Brooklyn College; classical music; frum; Jewish music; KlezKamp; love; marriage; music; musician; New York City; Orthodox Judaism; orthodoxy; relationships; singer; yeshiva; yeshive; Yiddish music

125:34 - Peter's Advice to Young Musicians