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0:00 - Introduction 0:37 - Eli's Family Background and Their Connection to The "Forverts"

Keywords: "Forverts"; "The Jewish Daily Forward"; "The Yiddish Daily Forward"; ancestors; Bessarabia; family background; family history; grandfather; grandparents; heritage; roots; the "Forward"; Yiddish newspapers

6:05 - Eli's Relationship to Yiddish Writer Shmuel Niger 7:55 - Eli's Upbringing in a Jewish Home

Keywords: ADL; Anti-Defamation League; childhood; Conservative synagogue; family; father; grandparents; High Holidays; Israel; Jewish organizations; Judaism; Meretz USA; Middle East; NACRAC; Palestine; parents; politics; religious observance; Tarrytown, New York; upbringing

14:18 - The Jewish Cultural Elements of Eli's Childhood

Keywords: "The Simpsons"; American Jewry; cartoons; English language; family; Jewish culture; Jewish history; Judaism; Justin Cammy; languages; television; TV; Yiddish language

21:15 - Eli Describes His Neighborhood and Childhood Friends

Keywords: "Seinfeld"; adolescence; America; childhood; racial diversity; Tarrytown, New York; teenage years; U.S.; United States; US; white flight

25:33 - Eli Reflects on the Formation of His Jewish Identity

Keywords: Hebrew school; Jewish culture; Jewish identity; Judaism; socialism; socialist; Three Arrows

30:14 - Eli Discusses His College Education

Keywords: Amherst College; campus life; college education; education; Jewish services; race; racism; Sleepy Hollow High School; undergraduate education

33:47 - Eli's Year Teaching English in Japan

Keywords: Amherst College; High Holidays; Japan; Kobe, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; study abroad; synagogue; teacher; teaching; University of Doshisha

40:53 - Studying Creative Writing at the Bread Loaf School 42:42 - Eli Shares Travel Stories from His Work in College Admissions

Keywords: Africa; Amherst College; career; college admissions; malaria; Middle East; professional life; travel stories

53:02 - Eli's Process for Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Keywords: dissertation; doctorate degree; graduate education; Henry Roth; Jewish identity; PhD

59:58 - Eli's Mentors and the Role of Yiddish in His Research

Keywords: academia; academics; dissertation; endogamy; exogamy; graduate education; Jewish American literature; mentors; PhD; research; scholars; teachers; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature

63:13 - Formative Experiences in Eli's Jewish Identity

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Holocaust; Jewish identity; Jewishness; privilege; synagogues; whiteness

69:05 - Eli Discusses Learning Yiddish and Hebrew

Keywords: family background; family history; grandmother; Hebrew language; Hebrew school; heritage; learning Yiddish; National Yiddish Book Center; roots; Steiner Summer Yiddish Program; Yiddish language; Yuri Vedenyapin

77:18 - Eli's Closing Thoughts on Yiddishkayt and Identity

Keywords: advice; favorite Yiddish word; Jewish identity; Jewishness; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt