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0:00 - Introduction 0:53 - Katka's Family Background

Keywords: Breslau; Cernăuţi; Chernivtsi, Ukraine; Chernovtsy; Czernowitz; family background; family history; grandparents; great-grandparents; heritage; Kluczbork, Poland; Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland; Minsk-Mazovyetsk; Minsk-Mazowiecki; parents; roots; Stri; Stria; Stry; Stryi, Ukraine; Stryj; Stryje; Stryy, Ukraine; Uzhok, Ukraine; Wrocław, Poland

6:23 - Katka's Memories of Growing Up in Wrocław 9:03 - Entering the Jewish Community in Wrocław 12:22 - The Polish Catholic Home in Which Katka Grew Up 15:58 - Katka Describes the Process of Converting to Judaism 23:05 - Katka Recalls Discovering She Was Already Halachically Jewish

Keywords: conversion to Judaism; family background; grandmother; great-grandmother; heritage; Jewish identity; Jewish roots; mother

26:55 - Katka Discusses Living in Poland, Israel, and New York 29:38 - Katka's Education and Her Focus on Jewish Topics

Keywords: doctoral degree; education; high school; Jewish culture; Jewish history; master's degree; Oxford University; Ph.D.; PhD; University of Oxford; Wrocław University; Wrocław, Poland

33:04 - Collecting Stories from Jewish Communities in Poland

Keywords: education; interviewing; Jewish community; Jewish continuity; Jewish identity; Jewish roots; Jewishness; master's degree; Ph.D.; PhD; Poland; Polish Jewry; third generation

40:52 - Katka Discusses Contemporary Jewish Life in Poland

Keywords: heritage tourism; Holocaust tours; Jewish community; Jewish culture; Jewish identity; Jewish organizations; Jewish roots; March of the Living; Poland; Polish Jewry

46:24 - Katka's Thoughts on a Jewish Cultural Renaissance 47:58 - Katka Elaborates on Her Family's Jewish Roots

Keywords: family background; family history; father; grandparents; great-grandparents; heritage; Jewish identity; Jewish roots; mother; parents

50:43 - Katka Recalls How Yiddish Came Into Her Life

Keywords: great-grandmother; Hebrew language; Jewish identity; Oxford University; Polish identity; University of Oxford; Yiddish language

54:25 - Katka's Mentors in Learning Yiddish 57:16 - Katka's Favorite Yiddish Word 59:43 - Katka's Thoughts on the Future of Polish Jewry

Keywords: academia; academics; advice; cultural transmission; future generations; Jewish culture; Jewish identity; Polish Jewry