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0:18 - Introduction 1:05 - Sholem Aleichem's name and date of birth, and Bel's sense of his childhood

Keywords: 1850s; grandfather; Mark Twain; Orthodox Judaism; religion; religious upbringing; Sholem Aleichem; Sholem Rabinowitz; Yiddish writer

5:04 - Sholem Aleichem's early writings

Keywords: adolescence; childhood; cholera; curses; humor; stepmother; writing; Yiddish writer

6:27 - The five years that Bel's life overlapped with Sholem Aleichem's

Keywords: Berlin, Germany; doctor; granddaughter; grandfather; New York City, New York; Odessa, Russia; Odessa, Ukraine; Sholem Aleichem

7:50 - Bel's description of her childhood home in Odessa

Keywords: childhood home; English language; French language; Odessa, Russia; Odessa, Ukraine; Russian language

10:36 - Growing up during the Russian Revolution

Keywords: Bolshevik Revolution; Bolsheviks; childhood; communism; communists; Russian Revolution; violence

17:11 - Starvation and food shortages during the Russian Revolution

Keywords: Bolshevik Revolution; Bolsheviks; chocolate; communism; communists; food; hunger; immigration; migration; Russian Revolution; starvation; United States

20:14 - Growing up in a culturally Jewish home

Keywords: faith; God; Jewish community; Jewish identity; Odessa, Russia; Odessa, Ukraine; prayer; religion; shul; synagogue

24:40 - Bel's fond memories of Sholem Aleichem's grandfatherly presence

Keywords: author; childhood memories; clothing; fashion; granddaughter; grandfather; mimicry; Sholem Aleichem; storyteller; storytelling; Switzerland; Yiddish literature; Yiddish writer

31:42 - Sholem Aleichem's love of Yiddish language, Bel's favorite Sholem Aleichem stories, and letters that he wrote to her as a child

Keywords: author; granddaughter; grandfather; letter writing; Motl the Cantor's Son; Motl, Peysi the Cantor's Son; Russian language; Sholem Aleichem; writing; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature; Yiddish writer

36:19 - Hearing Yiddish in Bel's childhood home

Keywords: authors; childhood home; diary; memory; Mischa Elman; Odessa, Russia; Odessa, Ukraine; poets; Russian language; Sholem Aleichem; tea; writers; Yiddish language

40:02 - More memories of starvation in Russia, and the effect of hunger on Bel's ability to experience empathy for others

Keywords: author; empathy; hunger; meat; orange; proletarian; proletariat; Russia; starvation; sugar; tea; writer; writing

45:02 - Family stories of Sholem Aleichem, and Bel's memories of her grandfather's laughter and voice

Keywords: acting; actor; American Jewish theater; American Jewish theatre; American writer; authors; family stories; humor; laughter; literature; Mark Twain; reader; reading; Sholem Aleichem; Yiddish writer

50:43 - Sholem Aleichem's struggle with diabetes at the end of his life, and his dedication to writing until his death

Keywords: author; death; diabetes; granddaughter; grandfather; illness; Russia; United States; writing; Yiddish writer

52:59 - Bel's favorite Sholem Aleichem story, Motl the Cantor's Son, and Bel's efforts to re-read Sholem Aleichem's stories in her old age

Keywords: memory; Motl the Cantor's Son; Motl, Peysi the Cantor's Son; Sholem Aleichem; storyteller; storytelling; time; Yiddish literature

57:57 - Bel's first impressions of America

Keywords: America; English language; immigration; migration; New York City, New York; United States